Anti-fascist Solidarity Against the War in Ukraine

Yesterday LAFA, together with other antifascists and our friends from London Anarchist Federation, attended a demonstration outside the Russian embassy following an international call by Ukrainian anarchists. We also wrote the following statement:

“The Russian government has long persecuted the people within its own borders, but yesterday it formally launched an attack on the people living in Ukraine. The Russian government is doing this under the guise of anti-fascism when they themselves have ties to fascist groups and routinely and brutally repress anti-fascists, anarchists and other political dissidents within their own borders. It is the Ukrainian and Russian working class, who have more in common with each other than with their rulers, killing each other. It is them and other marginalised and ignored groups like travellers who will suffer most in this conflict between states. We also know the destabilising effect this will likely have on the rest of the region, including the former Yugoslavia. We are against all forms of domination and all governments. This is why we oppose Russia’s imperialist exploits as well as the very existence of both Russian and Ukrainian states. Our solidarity crosses borders and all lines of attack against the working classes and reaches the people living in Ukraine, Russia, and beyond. Above all, we hope that our solidarity is felt by our antifascist compas.


Photo 1 ID : Multiple people with their faces blurred hold a banner that says “International Solidarity With Antifascists” and the three arrows antifascist symbol painted on it. A stone wall is behind them

Photo 2 ID: Same scene as picture 1 but one of the people is also holding a t-shirt that says “Arsenal Ultras” and has the picture of a skull symbol commonly used by neo-nazis being broken in half by a bolt-cutter.

Photo 3 ID: Similar scene as previous photos, but seen from further away. Now you can appreciate that the people in the previous photos are part of a larger crowd that is standing outside the Russian embassy of London

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