Close Supervision Centres – Torture Units in the UK (Bristol ABC)

A pamphlet published by Bristol ABC about Close Supervision Centres in the UK prison network. From the Bristol ABC site:

”With an introduction by Mark Barnsley of LeedsABC; many articles and texts from John Bowden, our comrade currently residing in HMP Shotts, Scotland; first hand accounts from inside these maximum security segregation units from prisoners such as Kevan Thakrar and Kyle Major; and many articles, testimonies and denunciations from families, supporters, and other people fighting against these degrading and despicable institutions; this text is a call-out for renewed pressure on the prison system and the web of screws, bureaucrats, health care professionals, managers etc. that enact overt and covert abuses on inmates of the CSC system every day.”

CSC Torture Units in the UK (for reading on computer)

CSC Torture Units in the UK (for printing)

Revolutionary Prisoners in Chile – July 2012

This is a list of revolutionary prisoners in Chile, translated in July 2012. It is constantly updated at Liberacion Total due to changes in living circumstances or transportation of prisoners. Download here


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