ABC Letter Writing @ Larc 7pm

20th November is Trans Day of Remembrance

Anarchist Black Cross will mark the occasion by writing letters to trans prisoners, and highlighting trans prison struggles.

Let’s mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living! No trans liberation without prison demolition!

Join us on Wednesday 20th November from 7pm at LARC (62 Fieldgate St, Shadwell, London E1 1ES). For any enquiries email

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Come to an afternoon of linoprinting at 17.30 on the 12th of November so we can make cards and posters! All materials included, but please bring images you might want to work off. the workshop will be in East London, please RSVP to for location :D


“Towers” by Brendan Murdoch

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‘Prisoner J’ Updates: Upcoming Solidarity Meeting + Noise Demo

Solidarity Meeting – 15th September 6PM @ Decentre, Freedom Bookshop, Whitechapel
Noise Demo – 17th September 8PM, outside HMP Pentonville

There will be a gathering with the aim of discussing ways of expressing solidarity with Prisoner J.
Second noise demo for Prisoner J, we will go into the streets together with love for our comrade and with hatred for any and every collaborator with her capture, including our own passivity, including the whole murderous artifice of this prison society.

Our friend ‘Prisoner J’ has been held on remand for over two weeks. As a trans woman suffering through extreme dissociative states, and, last we heard, on hunger strike, we are concerned for her immediate safety. We haven’t heard any word from her since she saw her lawyer on Tuesday (27th Aug). Nobody knows if her hunger strike is continuing and what conditions she is facing inside.
On Friday (30th Aug) there was a loud and energetic demonstration outside Pentonville attended by about 40 people. Fireworks, percussion, shouts, chants, smoke, banners and two soundsystems were used at every point where the demonstrators might be heard or seen inside the prison. The statement written by friends of Prisoner J was read out. Thanks to all who came, and those who shared news, wrote to Prisoner J, and signed and shared the petition she requested to be circulated.
Since then we have learned that she was remanded for the alleged ‘crime’ of trespassing on railway property. Her next hearing is not until 27th September. At her last court appearance (Friday 6th Sept) we didn’t see her, but the lawyer said she was in extreme distress, non-communicative, and showed clear signs of self-harm. The lawyer was shocked to find that she was not being held in the medical wing of the prison.
More bad news – we have found out she was charged under a previous name. Not the name on her passport, which she uses day to day. This is bizarre and illegal by the system’s own standards.
But why do we expect the screws, lawyers, judges and doctors to give a fuck about this situation? Maybe it is the famous cop in our heads, or delusions of fair treatment and the ‘humane, reasonable’ image of authority that is always being sold to us. Of course it’s not true: that’s not the face shown to the uncertified trannies, the ‘undeserving’ homeless, the insufficiently-intersex, the uncontainables, the suicides, the criminals of this world.
They’ve tried ‘curing’ her, they’ve tried all kinds of abuse, neglect, and phobic bullshit, they’ve tried to categorise her as antisocial.. now they are trying to kill her. Those of us who have witnessed her brilliance and individuality won’t stand by and let it happen.
Most people reading this are no doubt saturated with the rage and pain of a hundred other cases of kidnapping, isolation, and torture, both past and ongoing. Meanwhile all around us, normal life carries on, the officials carry out their duties unconscious of the consequences of their program, or wishing themselves unconscious.
We would be just the same as them, were it not that we have bad dreams…

We will continue to try to make contact with Prisoner J, not knowing if she is willing or able to speak to anyone.
If you want to do the same, or share any action you have taken in the light of Prisoner J’s capture, feel free to email or

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Free Prisoner J! Fight the Terror, Stop the Torture!

**Demonstration outside HMP Pentonville, tonight Fri 30/8, at 8pm** (HMP Pentonville, London)
Our comrade, who we have been supporting for over a year, attempting to mitigate the effects of criminalisation and terrorisation by the state, is now being remanded in custody at HMP Pentonville, London.
Being a trans woman in a male prison, and struggling with extreme dissociative states of mind, her immediate safety is in doubt. She’s on hunger strike since Monday. We are unaware of the conditions she is being held under inside the prison.
She informed supporters about the strike, and asked them to circulate a petition to demand an immediate end to her incarceration in a male prison.
A year ago she was charged for an attempted robbery, and this summer she was found not fit to stand trial because of her mental health. The act was ‘proved’ and the judge recommended a hospital order (meaning kidnap and incarceration in a locked ward ‘for her own good’). More recently she has been arrested on several occasions for alleged crimes, mostly in connection to unbearable living conditions and refusal of help by hospitals. Now the same State that says she is too ‘crazy’ to be punished is holding her in a male prison, since Monday and at least for another week.
Tonight we are demonstrating at the prison, as the most immediate way of communicating that we hear her, and she is not alone.
For some of us, gender is a living terror. Not an idea, a topic for debate, a transactional ‘identity’, but a daily lived terror.
For those of us who have been offering support to our friend, in small and imperfect ways, for a year and more, it has been a lonely, conflicted and compromised process. All of us must engage with how we practice solidarity every day, with those around us who are experiencing the terror of gender and gendered violence most acutely.
It is our personal opinion as improbable combatants and improvised ‘care-workers’ that solidarity must translate as attack. Attack on and flight from the system that sustains prisons and gender, what we call ‘the gendered prison’ of this society. We are convinced that the present circumstances illuminate this only more starkly.
Manifestations of shared rage, and letters to ‘Prisoner J’ are welcome. Please email to get in touch.
Received by email
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Screaming Voices PT2, breaking the silence!

for more updates and infos write us

A noise demo was called by London ABC for Friday July 26th in response to recent communication with inmates in HMP Wandsworth regarding the levels of both psychological and physical abuse from screws. A small but dedicated number of prison abolitionists and comrades took to the streets in the vicinity of the prison to manifest our solidarity.

Reaching the point on the perimeter of the prison that seemed to offer the optimum possibility of being heard best and by the most behind the walls; whistles, chants, megaphones, various improvised methods in the locality and fireworks were utilised. It wasn’t long before we were answered with shouting, whistling and the banging of cell doors. Moving along the perimeter gave us the chance to be audible by another wing of the prison and we made our voices heard for some time in the next location with a similar answer from the inside. By this point police had turned up although they seemed unprepared to engage with us further than moaning about the use of fireworks.

The day ended in some pretty positive debate with some locals, one of whom hadn’t previously considered the possibilities of anti-prison perspectives but was soon on the megaphone sharing his support.

Wandsworth prison is considered to have the highest number of screws being attacked. Thats is the clear sign of misery and rage and the inadequacy of this dehumanizing system.

For this reason we want to be solid and angry and only when we see this torture warehouse burning will we consider it a hot summer.

We gonna come back soon, again, always anger against the screws.

Some unidentified comrades have a message for those inside:

“We can’t promise that we will be listened to, or taken seriously by anyone who can improve the conditions you’re facing. But we can promise that we won’t be silent. We won’t stay passive. The same system that keeps people caged and frightened in Wandsworth grinds on all around us. The list of possible targets gets longer every day, and the list of excuses not to act gets shorter.

Everywhere people are researching, observing and experimenting. They are trying out methods of attach that are easily reproduced, and words of explanation that are easily understood: let’s act for freedom , NOW!”

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Wandsworth prison, Screaming Voices

write us for more infos and update

In Wandsworth Prison, London, being tortured and harassed is part of daily life, and the screws abuse their power as a matter of routine. But we don’t want to be a silent accomplice to this shameful state of affairs, and someone inside has shared with us some of the horrible things that have happened over the last few days. You can help to break the silence by sharing what follows – and check our blog for updates on an action in the next few days, and other steps you can take. Solidarity is our weapon, against isolation and state-sanctioned torture!

“F (the name is keep anonymous for safety reason) was going to have a shower after work, an officer having given him a permit to go earlier, when another came and locked him in the cell without letting him take the shower. On top of this there was a prisoner outside the cell smoking quietly, who couldn’t have a shower after a shift of picking up trash, and in this hot weather… His cell-mate started getting very ill in the last few days (blood in his stool and vomiting blood; he even called his grandma to tell her he was going to die). F yesterday spent the whole night calling the guards asking to rescue the guy but they didn’t give a fuck.”

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The logic of the prison, its categorisation of ‘good citizens’, the ‘innocent’ and the ‘criminal’ and the ‘guilty’, its colonisation of time; its punishment by the hours that drip away, all its routine brutalities, its petty pecking orders, its enforcement of servility, the breaking of rebellious spirit— this logic is both the way our society disappears its problems and paradoxically how everything within it really functions.

We have held two demos outside pentonville recently, on each occasion those hostages of the state on the wings that could see us crowded at the barred windows, screamed aloud for their freedom and set fires in their cells. Three times we have gone out in numbers in solidarity against the prison industrial complex and its functionaries, to fill the night with a message of liberation, and our rage of accomplices with the incarcerated.

London is a gentrified, policed and surveilled castle where laws made to kidnap the poor have their immediate correlate in the looming threat of repression which any rebel faces when she decides to act to reclaim his life. All around the world the irreducibles who turn words into action find themselves encircled by this monster whose monument we intend to disrupt and agitate against again.

Let’s break the pacified, tedious, lonely, routine of prison- both within the walls and without.

Let’s declare here and now, unambiguously, with every muscle of our bodies and all the passion we have left in our hearts; that we have no need of this wretched institution, or the vile hierarchy of dogs which staff it at every level.

Despite everything, we still have an idea of freedom, solidarity and dignity; a truly living idea which cannot be content to live dead in the cells of this society, much less cower from fear of its pathetic attempts to control us. We carry with us a vision of a terrible vengeance raining down on their palaces, and the total liberation of everyone from their gaols. Let’s go into the streets together, to send up our rebel signal to those held hostage in the entrails of Fortress Britain. Let’s go out into the night and make a dent, however brief, in the illusion of the authority of the courts, cells, judges, screws and cops who would separate and govern us, and pretend themselves our captors.

Let’s punch our fists into the starry sky and cry out our complicity against the prison society, and against every social effort to reform its disgusting system of death!

Printable version here:

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CALLOUT: Write to Kyle Major

Kyle Major has tirelessly raised awareness of extreme psychological and
physical violence, and conditions amounting to torture, inside Close
Supervision Centres (CSCs). He has gone public with his own experiences
of the high-security ‘prisons within prisons’ he endured during his
previous prison sentence. He has now been incarcerated again in HMP
Edinburgh (with no apparent crime committed).
He will appear in court in the third week of May, until then he
urgently needs support. Please write to him:

Kyle Major
33 Stenhouse Road
EH11 3LN

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Roll up, roll up! This huge prisoner support benefit is coming to North London!

London Tattoo Circus is a 100% benefit event in solidarity with all who find themselves imprisoned for their ideas and actions within the prison society. All proceeds go to related active groups and/or individuals.

Check out the program and venue info on their blog

This is an informative, fun, anti prison event, which is open to all who are opposed to oppression in its many forms, and aware that we are stronger learning, listening and working together. Please be aware that the issues being addressed may be challenging and/or triggering. As well as loud music, and flashing or brite lights

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12 April 2019, 8-10pm: Noise Demonstration at HMP Pentonville !

After the New Year Eve demos at HMP Brixton and Pentonville and more recently at HMP Bronzefield, those who oppose this prison society will gather once more outside the walls of HMP Pentonville. Bring your love and support for those incarcerated ! Bring your rage and hatred for those who maintain the British prison state !

Friday 12th of April 2019, 8-10pm

H.M.P Pentonville, Caledonian Rd, London N7 8TT

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