The logic of the prison, its categorisation of ‘good citizens’, the ‘innocent’ and the ‘criminal’ and the ‘guilty’, its colonisation of time; its punishment by the hours that drip away, all its routine brutalities, its petty pecking orders, its enforcement of servility, the breaking of rebellious spirit— this logic is both the way our society disappears its problems and paradoxically how everything within it really functions.

We have held two demos outside pentonville recently, on each occasion those hostages of the state on the wings that could see us crowded at the barred windows, screamed aloud for their freedom and set fires in their cells. Three times we have gone out in numbers in solidarity against the prison industrial complex and its functionaries, to fill the night with a message of liberation, and our rage of accomplices with the incarcerated.

London is a gentrified, policed and surveilled castle where laws made to kidnap the poor have their immediate correlate in the looming threat of repression which any rebel faces when she decides to act to reclaim his life. All around the world the irreducibles who turn words into action find themselves encircled by this monster whose monument we intend to disrupt and agitate against again.

Let’s break the pacified, tedious, lonely, routine of prison- both within the walls and without.

Let’s declare here and now, unambiguously, with every muscle of our bodies and all the passion we have left in our hearts; that we have no need of this wretched institution, or the vile hierarchy of dogs which staff it at every level.

Despite everything, we still have an idea of freedom, solidarity and dignity; a truly living idea which cannot be content to live dead in the cells of this society, much less cower from fear of its pathetic attempts to control us. We carry with us a vision of a terrible vengeance raining down on their palaces, and the total liberation of everyone from their gaols. Let’s go into the streets together, to send up our rebel signal to those held hostage in the entrails of Fortress Britain. Let’s go out into the night and make a dent, however brief, in the illusion of the authority of the courts, cells, judges, screws and cops who would separate and govern us, and pretend themselves our captors.

Let’s punch our fists into the starry sky and cry out our complicity against the prison society, and against every social effort to reform its disgusting system of death!

Printable version here:

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12 April 2019, 8-10pm: Noise Demonstration at HMP Pentonville !

After the New Year Eve demos at HMP Brixton and Pentonville and more recently at HMP Bronzefield, those who oppose this prison society will gather once more outside the walls of HMP Pentonville. Bring your love and support for those incarcerated ! Bring your rage and hatred for those who maintain the British prison state !

Friday 12th of April 2019, 8-10pm

H.M.P Pentonville, Caledonian Rd, London N7 8TT

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CALLOUT: Write to Kyle Major

Kyle Major has tirelessly raised awareness of extreme psychological and
physical violence, and conditions amounting to torture, inside Close
Supervision Centres (CSCs). He has gone public with his own experiences
of the high-security ‘prisons within prisons’ he endured during his
previous prison sentence. He has now been incarcerated again in HMP
Edinburgh (with no apparent crime committed).
He will appear in court in the third week of May, until then he
urgently needs support. Please write to him:

Kyle Major
33 Stenhouse Road
EH11 3LN

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Roll up, roll up! This huge prisoner support benefit is coming to North London!

London Tattoo Circus is a 100% benefit event in solidarity with all who find themselves imprisoned for their ideas and actions within the prison society. All proceeds go to related active groups and/or individuals.

Check out the program and venue info on their blog https://londontattoocircus.noblogs.org/program/

This is an informative, fun, anti prison event, which is open to all who are opposed to oppression in its many forms, and aware that we are stronger learning, listening and working together. Please be aware that the issues being addressed may be challenging and/or triggering. As well as loud music, and flashing or brite lights

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Global day of solidarity with Kevan Thakrar & Against Solitary Confinement

Come in solidarity with Kevan Thakur on the Wednesday, 13 March 2019 from 12:00 to 15:00 in front of Ministry of Justice UK 102 Petty France, SW1H 9AJ, London

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Fuck Valentines Day- Prison Noise Demo

On Valentines Day, the 14th of February around 40-50 enraged individuals went to HMP Bronzefield for a noise demo. In solidarity with over 500 women and youth inside and all those incarcerated in an oppressive and discriminatory society. We have no love for the state and its corporate apparatus of punishment and control.
With no interruption from the pigs or screws, we unleashed our rage for hours at the walls of the prison through our banners, messages of support, fireworks and chants.
The anger and the energy shared that night made us all excited at the possibilities yet to come. Stay updated for upcoming letter writtings nights, screenings, benefits and actions.

Against prison society !

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Noise demo at HMP/YOI Bronzefield

London Anarchist Black Cross has called a noise demo outside of HMP/YOI Bronzefield in Ashford (Surrey) on the 14th of February from 8-10pm.

Bronzefield is the largest women’s prison in Europe. It’s the most expensive adult and youth women’s prison in England. At an annual £66,294 a prisoner, it is at least £10,000 more expensive than any other. It was privately built, and is privately run by the outsourcing giant Sodexo. We will go there in solidarity with all of those incarcerated in an oppressive and discriminatory society. We have no love for the state and it’s corporate apparatus of punishment and control. Under a Neoliberal Capitalist regime that destroys all possibility of love and replaces it with capitalist modes of mass consumption we want to express our rage at the cages that seperate us.

As with those incarcerated in women’s prisons everywhere, those inside are proof of a patriacal society maintained by the State. Most of people incarcerated in womens prisons have been affected by patriarcal violence;as survivors of domestic or sexual violence and have reported
experiencing child abuse. These facts evidence that the state “violently criminalises vulnerable women, who are overwhelmingly black, brown and/or working class”. We remember Natasha Chine who was murdered by the neglect and systemic failures of HMP Bronzefield and their staff. Natasha was one of nine women to die at HMP Bronzefield since 2010. Since her death in 2016 there have been three further deaths of women found unresponsive in cells at Bronzefield.

Make noise to draw visiblity to the prison industrial complex that is
strengthening and decentralising under the government and its ideology,
not just on New Years, and not just within the city. We do not take prison as an unchallengable part of our existence. We do not allow the prison to perform the ideological work of relieving us of the responsibilities of seriously engaging with the problems of our society, especially those produced of sexism, racism, “and increasingly, global capitalism”.
The prison is present in our lives and, at the same time, absent from it.
With no womens prisons remaining within London, gendered incarceration is less visible while systematically displacing imprisoned women far away from their
friends, families, and support services.

Against prison, and the world that maintains them.

Collective departure from London Waterloo at the ticket office at 6:30pm.
For travel from Waterloo Station, Group Tickets in advance and on the day for 3 or more people = £7 per person.
London ABC can help with travel costs and booking tickets! Get in touch!
For travel inquiries/ special requirements and help with travel costs,
contact london_abc@riseup.net



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Tattoo Circus London 2019

London Tattoo Circus is happening on the 6th of April 2019. There’s bunch of stuff on. Workshops and discussion, tattooing and piercing, bands an music, performance and kids circus, food and drink. games, art etc…get involved.

Tattoo Circus is a DIY Benefit event in solidarity with all who find themselves imprisoned for their ideas and actions within the prison society.

This is a moment for those inside and outside the walls, fences and borders to share, learn, create and let our rage against all state repression be represented.

We are only as strong on the outside as the support we give inside..

Abajo los muros! Tear down the walls!

Calling all tattooist, performers, musician, speakers, artists, building/setup/takedown crew, and people wanting to put on workshops.

Get in contact by either chatting to us or via email:londonttc@protonmail.com Put in the subject title what your interest is.


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Come Write Cards For Incarcerated Comrades!

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London: callout for solidarity with Russian Anti-Fascists

Re-posting from https://freedomnews.org.uk
News, Nov 1st

We are an ad-hoc collective of anti-fascists in London who want to organise a solidarity event to support anti-fascists in Russia on 19th January.

19th January is a significant day for anti-fascist and anarchists as each year demonstrations are held to remember Russian comrades, the journalist Anastasia Baburova and lawyer Stanislav Markelov, who were murdered by fascists in broad daylight 10 years ago, as well as other fallen comrades who were victims to fascist violence. Markelov, an experienced lawyer and social democrat, spent years fighting for justice in workers’ struggles, environmental protests and against the violence of the Russian state. Baburova, a young journalist with independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, was a reporter and anarchist from Sevastopol, Crimea. They were murdered in Moscow by a nationalist terror group with links to the Kremlin.

We also want to express our solidarity to the defendants in the “Network Case”, in which 11 Russian anti-fascists and anarchists have been detained and tortured as part of a security service investigation into alleged terrorism. These men, from St Petersburg and Penza, are due to go trial in the coming year.

The Russian state’s repression against political dissents acts in tandem with fascist gangs, a collaboration that has long been known and experienced.

With the turn to right and far-right fascist populist governments across the world from India to Brazil, USA to Italy, there is no more greater need that to share experiences and knowledge around this international moment which we are all facing whether in the UK or in Russia.

Whilst our comrades are faced with unimaginable violence by both the state and street-level fascist gangs, we intend to send a message of solidarity and defiance with this event.

What you can do:

We invite you to attend a meeting on Monday November 26th 6.30pm -9.00pm at Mayday Rooms, 88 Fleet St, London EC4Y 1DH. Please RSVP: london19jan(at)riseup.net
Discuss within your group to support this initiative
Save the date and republish this callout on your website

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