London Anti-fascist Prisoners

Two anti-fascist prisoners currently serving a custodial sentence in relation to a fight with the South East Alliance in London during the summer of 2014. If you would like to write to either K or D, address envelopes to one of them and send to Freedom Bookshop. They will then be forwarded on to them. Remember to include a name and address on the card/letter for the prison to accept it.
K or D,
c/o Freedom Bookshop,
Angel Alley,
84b Whitechapel High Street,
London, E1 7QX.

We at London Anti-Fascists believe history has taught us that anti-fascist action is ALWAYS self-defense. It’s in that radical tradition of confronting fascist’s and their ideas that we organise to create a space for working class organisation in order to realise a world without hunger or fear.

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Death in Holloway Prison #BlackLivesMatter

The following is being circulated around facefook after a black woman was found dead in her cell on January 11th. The filth and doublespeak Ministry of Justice have put a gag order on this case, telling mainstream news they can not report on Sarah’s death in custody, but do not let this be silenced – spread her story!

No Justice, No Peace. ACAB for life.

#SarahReed #SayHerName #BlackLivesMatter



On 11 January 2016, Sarah Reed, a black British woman, was found dead in her cell under suspicious circumstances in Holloway Prison in north London, and no one knows about it because the Home Office put out a media gag order. Lee Jasper has spoken to the family and reported on the story in his blog…. Here’s my summary:

– In 2012, Sarah Reed was falsely arrested for shoplifting on Regent Street and then assaulted by Police Constable James Kiddie, who dragged her through the store by her hair and punched her in the head repeatedly. PC Kiddie was later found guilty of assault and fired from his job as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police. The same police officer was also found to have used excessive force when he sprayed CS gas in the face of UK Uncut protesters in 2011.

– In October 2015, while a patient detained under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act at Maudsley Hospital in south London (since the tragic and sudden death of her newborn baby in 2003, Sarah suffered periodically from bouts of mental health issues), Sarah was the survivor of an attempted rape. She fought off her attacker, injuring him, and the staff called the police. It was Sarah, and not her attacker, who ended up being arrested. The family believes that Sarah was targeted for arrest as an act for retribution for challenging the racism and violence of PC Kiddie back in 2012.

– While Sarah was in police custody, she was denied medical assistance, and never received any medication. On 11 January 2015, the Reed family received a phone call from Holloway Prison informing them that Sarah was dead. They were told that Sarah had ‘strangled’ herself while lying on her bed, which from all accounts appears an almost physical impossibility.

– The police not only assault Sarah in 2012, arrest her for her own attempted rape in 2015, and put her in police custody without access to vital mental health care, but then they treat the family like rubbish. The prison requested the family come identify Sarah’s body, but once they arrived they were refused the right to do so, and the family say prison staff treated them in a hostile and aggressive manner. Now, the family is demanding answers and accountability.

What’s happened to ‪#‎SarahReed‬ is unforgivable – the media must report, the IPCC must open an investigation, and the police officers involved must be held accountable.

‪#‎JusticeforSarahReed‬ ‪#‎SayHerName‬ ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬sarah


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Undercover Research Group

The Undercover Research Group has released a statement inviting all those affected by undercover policing to get in contact and attend one of their roundtable discussions. For the full release see below.

Original article posted 25th January 2016 here:

The scandal of Mark Kennedy and the spying on the Lawrence family is only the tip of the iceberg. Political policing has targeted social justice and protest groups for a long time, but we are at a unique point in history where we have a chance to do something about it, not least learn the extent to which we were targeted.

This message is going out to all those political activists – left wing, blacklisted, anarchist, labour or union, environmental or animal rights, anti-fascist, peace and justice campaigners – who were spied on by undercover police or have strong reasons to believe they were.

We are organising a series of roundtable discussions around the country to serve several purposes:

    1. To start hearing your story in a safe way; and to understand the effects of undercover policing on people and campaigns;
    2. To share experience in researching suspicions;
    3. To discuss what options are available in terms of legal action or the Public Inquiry into undercover policing; including identifying potential miscarriages of justice, understanding the disruption caused, etc;
    4. To develop a strong, collective message about the abuses done in the name of undercover policing and demand that the inquiry addresses them properly, not least by providing the necessary information to answer people’s doubts and concerns.

This is not a public meeting or for those merely interested. Those will happen another time. For now we wish to focus on those affected by the presence of undercovers in their campaigns and lives. These meetings are not open to the media, right-wing campaigners or police. Where possible we will seek to provide safe spaces as we are aware of how sensitive some of the state intrusion has been.

We are planning a number of these roundtables around the country:

  • 9 Feb (Tue): Brighton
  • 11 Feb (Thu): Oxford
  • 21 Feb (Sun): Cardiff
  • 22 Feb (Mon): Bristol
  • 29 Feb (Mon): Nottingham
  • 15 March (Tue): Leeds
  • 16 March (Wed): Manchester
  • 17 March (Thur): Liverpool
  • 21 March (Mon): Norwich (TBC)

If you want to attend please drop us an email. Please forward far and wide. If you cannot make one of these meeting but are interested, or if you want to help setting one up elsewhere, please get in touch.

Organised with the support of:

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ABC Solidarity Festival Vienna 2016

It has been announced on that the next festival will be held on the weekend of 28th April – 1st May 2016. This year it will again be in cooperation with DIY fest in Nijmegen:

Save the date for a euro trip!

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Spain: Anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva wins his demands and stops hunger strike

Re-posting from Act for Freedom. Original article first published 20.01.2016 HERE

Yesterday, 19 January, imprisoned anarchist Gabriel Pombo da Silva came off his hunger strike which he started on the 17 January with the demand to get a single cell. The comrade won his demand and stopped the hunger strike. Companion Juankar Santana Martín, who started a hunger strike in solidarity also stopped his hunger strike. The move by the prison lackies of Dueñas to mess around with Gabriel is a typical act to provoke him during his regular prison transfers.

The victory for his demand shows that each attempt by the authorities to harass our imprisoned comrades should be met with resistance and agitation. Solidarity to those who fight.

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Korydallos Prison, Greece: Update on new repressions against CCF & Nikos Romanos

Article re-posted from Insurrection News. Original article published 21.01.2016 HERE


Yesterday on the 20th of January another sudden search was once again conducted inside the cells housing imprisoned members of the anarchist organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) as well as anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos at Section A of Korydallos Prison.

The search was coordinated by prison official Victoria Marsioni who had previously made threats against CCF members involving disciplinary transfers to other facilities after they hung a banner in solidarity with the hunger strike of anarchist Evi Statiri.

It is most certain that Marsioni is not acting independently but receives orders from above and this recent search is merely another addition to a systematic exercise of pressure against the imprisoned members of the CCF, which is orchestrated by high ranking officials of the ‘leftist’ Ministry of Justice and Counter-Terrorism Police.

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)

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November 2015: AFA Stockholm: 13 anti-fascists sentenced to prison

Original article posted on Antifascistisk Aktion’s website 21st November 2015

Most of the sentences handed out is relating to participation in a riot, an event the prosecution claimed to be two separate ones as, according to them, the situation calmed down between the disturbances. This allows them to prosecute twice for the same accusation and therefore plead for longer sentences and steeper fines.

About 12 000 people found themselves in Kungsträdgården, central of Stockholm, during the protest two weeks before the Swedish Election. When the Police made attempts to disperse the crowd by spraying pepper spray and attacking protesters with truncheons, many decided to stay put and push back the attempts. Amongst the thousands of anti-racists in the area, a great number participated in one way or another in what the court claims to be riots. Out of these people, 15 were prosecuted and 13 sentenced to prison time.

By the preliminary investigation, it is clear that the Swedish Secret Police (SÄPO) has provided information on who, according to them, is an active anti-fascist. SÄPO cooperating with the prosecution in pinpointing a small number of people out of a very big mass can not be seen as anything else than a political stance. They seized the opportunity to lock up and guilt anti-fascists inconvenient to them, even though a large number of people participated in the protests in the same way as the sentenced.

Eight people were given 4 months of prison, two got 10 months and the remaining three were sentenced to 3, 8 and 18 months each. Two people were acquitted. On top of the prison time, the sentenced will also have to pay a large amount of fines to officers who, although being covered head to toe in protective gear, claims to have gained multiple injuries whilst attacking the crowd with the said intention of dispersing it. The total amount of fines adds up to about €38 000/£27 000, although it is currently not clear whether appeals will be made from either sides.

A notable coincidence is that the day of the sentencing, the 17th of November 2015, marks the 100th anniversary of Joe Hill’s execution. Then, as now, progressive class struggle was coupled with risk of tougher sentences if you were active and organised in working towards radical change. Then, as now, the solution was never to mourn when repression hit us, but to organise resistance and solidarity. We cannot equally share the prison time given out, but we can do so with the fines. That is why we yet again are launching a solidarity fund and encourage everyone to reach in to their pockets according to means.

To donate from a non-swedish bank account: IBAN: SE0680000832799438650120 Bic: SWEDSESS Mark your donation with “BOTER”


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Jan 22nd Statement by Marius

Originally posted January 20th 2016 on

Happy New Year, Family and Friends! Many, many thanks for so much support and care over this year from both long-standing friends and new pen pals. I feel very grateful and am always humbled by the encouragement and resources sent my way by folks who are doing so much already to increase our collective chances for survival. The news has been full of stories about someone winning the big money pool that has accumulated for the US Lotto – but the most important “win” has nothing to do with money. I am betting on the movement to win big this year: in getting more control over their communities and defending against police brutality and racial inequality, in winning more victories for animal and in the defense of wild spaces, in creating social relations based on respect, dignity and compassion for all people… irregardless of their race, orientation, creed or gender presentation.

Thank you for coming together today, to hold up those members of our community who struggle so hard behind walls to keep their sense of self intact. Sovereignty over our selves, our bodies is essential for any other kind of liberty to be possible. By reaching out to trans prisoners, you affirm their right to define themselves for themselves – and defend them against the overwhelming voices who claim that they do not exist, that they must allow others to define them. In the isolating environment of prison, this is toxic and intimidating, and amounts to the cruelest form of psychological torture. By offering your help and solidarity, you may just save a life. I know that for the last year and a half, as I have struggled to assert myself as a transman, as I have advocated for the relief of appropriate medical care for my gender dysphoria – it has been the gentle and loving reminders of my extended family of supporters who have given me strength and courage to continue. Please join me in offering this help to so many others who need it to keep going. Never underestimate the healing power of a letter, those letters have kept me going…and I want to pass that gift on, if you will help me.

Thank you again for coming together on this day, for connecting to those on the inside who truly need you, who need you to see them as they really are and striving to be. Until the prisons are gone, we need to work hard to support those of us inside – especially those of us who are not always as visible to the rest of the world. We are always stronger together.

Marius Mason
January 2016

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Leonard Peltier – New Medical Emergency

Re-posting from Brighton ABC website – original article dated 7th January 2016

The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee received a message from Leonard this evening. An excerpt follows: “For months, if not at least a year now, I have been complaining about medical problems and that something is wrong with me… For the last few days, I have been on call out to go see the doctor. Today, I was called again and had my blood pressure taken and gave more blood for more tests. Apparently, they found what’s called Abdominal Aortic Aneurism (AAA) and it is at a very dangerous [stage]. If it bursts I can die. I will bleed to death. So they are going to rush me through some more tests, a MRI on Sunday, then find the right surgeon to do the operation. The good news is [this surgery] has a high success rate… if nothing goes wrong.”

At this time, we have no further details. Suffice it to say that, at Leonard’s age, any surgery is risky. Also a concern is that during his treatment at a federal prison medical center, Leonard will be held in isolation.

Please visit Make reference to Leonard Peltier #89637-132 and USP Coleman I. Voice your concern about Leonard’s medical treatment, and let the federal Bureau of Prisons know that the world is watching. We demand that Leonard receive the best possible care.

Please also contact:
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First St., NW
Washington, DC 20534
(010) 202 307-3198

In addition, when you make your call to the White House (as we know you often do) to voice your support for a grant of clemency, please mention Leonard’s current health crisis. Mr. Obama must act now.

Leonard and the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee thank you for your support – in particular during this critical time.
We’ll keep you informed of any developments.

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Solidarity with Yusef

Re-posting from South Wales Anarchists

Yusef Asad was unjustly sentenced to two and a half years in Prison for defending himself from racists attacking a Palestine March in Cardiff in July 2014. He received the heaviest sentence despite only responding as racists at a pub started the violence throwing bottles, glasses and chairs at the demonstrators, who included young families.

Yusef welcomes letters of support.


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