Germany: A radio presentation on USA prisoner strike

To find out more and listen to the podcast in English go here:


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USA: call for renewed actions in solidarity with the Prison Strike

Stand with prisoners in the USA on strike and organise a soli-action this month, October 15th – 22nd

soli action USA strike october 2016

Re-posting below callout from It’s Going Down website here:


It hardly seems necessary to summarize what has gone down inside U.S. prisons since September 9th. Hunger strikes, work stoppages, and riots have spread throughout the country on a scale that we likely aren’t even fully aware of yet. Some uprisings appeared took us by surprise, such as in several Florida prisons, while others presumably grew from recent organizing endeavors on the inside, such as at Kinross in Michigan or Holman in Alabama. By rough estimates, over 20,000 prisoners were involved in some way. That’s huge.

On the outside, solidarity burned so brightly all over the world. Banner drops, graffiti slogans, noise demonstrations and more showed that we had the backs of all who would partake in the strike. It is worth noting however that the vast majority of this took place the first weekend of the strike. But this prison strike—and the struggle against prisons more broadly—is about more than a day or a week. It didn’t start on September 9th and it isn’t ending any time soon. Some prisoners may return to work while others decide to stop working for the first time. It’s easier when there is a definitive date to take action on, to build momentum towards, but that’s not going to be enough.

Therefore, we would like to offer a call for renewed actions in solidarity with the prison strike and the struggle against prison society. Right now many are organizing anti-repression campaigns for striking prisoners and that is of course very necessary and not nearly as exciting work. But it would be a mistake to conceive of this struggle in a linear fashion—that is to say, a single wave where we demonstrate as it crests and write letters as it crashes. How many prisoners hadn’t heard about the strike until after it had started? How many knew but didn’t think people would actually be there to support them? Three weeks after the start of the strike, inmates in Turbeville, South Carolina rebelled against a guard and took over their dorm. How can we stop while inmates are still risking their lives for freedom?

We propose the week of October 15th – 22nd for a concentration of actions to remind everyone locked up by the State that we will always have their back. Once again, it is important to take these dates with a grain of salt. No one’s going to judge you if you take action on October 23rd, or in November, or even in 2017. Neither should anyone sit on their hands waiting for the 15th to get going. New Year’s Eve should also be kept in mind, which has traditionally seen noise demonstrations outside of prisons every year, despite being an equally arbitrary date.

When times seem slow and uneventful we let ourselves stagnate, but imagination and revolt are like muscles: the less we use them the weaker they become. We can push back the boredom of less eventful times and point towards insurrection. Solidarity actions and struggling on our own timelines is a way we can create momentum and tension when there isn’t much.

– “Our Own Timelines” Anathema, Vol 2 Issue 6

It is undeniable that many comrades exist outside of realities where organizing a protest or noise demonstration is tenable. Many of us are still searching for a few like-minded comrades, let alone attempting to bring out a crowd. There are still opportunities to act, whether it is a one or two person team dropping a banner or putting up posters, or hosting a letter writing or informational event that can help connect future accomplices. It certainly can never be overstated how important writing letters of support and calling in to prisons is in and of itself, but why pass on an opportunity to build our capacity?

If nothing else, we should all feel ashamed that the most active city in terms of U.S. prison strike solidarity actions is Athens, Greece. They already have such a head start but we can at least give them a bit of challenge, can’t we?

– Some Restless Uncontrollables

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Greece: Athens protest outside US Embassy

Originally posted on on ABC Solidarity Cell website on 2nd October 2016 here:

Athens embassy demoInside the framework of the international day of solidarity to the struggle of the us prisoners that was called by the anarchist black cross-solidarity cell, a protest out of the american embassy took place. ABC solidarity cell, Assembly for the solidarity to political prisoners, Assembly for the solidarity to the prisoners’ struggle against slavery, A.S.M.P.A., Assembly of anarchists communists for the class counter attack against the European union as well as ather comrades participated in the protest. During the protest, slogans were shouted, flyers were spread, texts were given out and banners were hanged.

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Czech Republic: Martin released from remand

Great news from Prague – Martin has been released from remand! Solidarity to you, it’s not over yet but we’re glad you’re among friends and family.

Originally posted on the Anti-Fenix website on 27th September 2016 here:


Martin was released from remand! WELCOME HOME!!!

The supreme court denied the confidential file written by former
criminal police chief about his sister as an anarchist organizer and
criminal element whom the court deciding about Martin awaiting trial
outside of remand should not trust. Therefore the court had to decide to
“free” Martin. The struggle is not over at all. In contrary it is in its
beginning and Fenix 5 (people being charged of a conspiracy of
preparation a terrorist attack against the train with military equipment
– prepared by two undercovered/infiltrated state agents) will face
another series of court hearings on October 3rd to 6th.


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Solidarity with the anarchist comrades arrested in Italy from Act for Freedom Now!

Reposted from Act for Freedom Now!


The attack of the State will only fuel the insurrection Solidarity to the anarchist comrades arrested in Italy.

The insurrectionist attack and international solidarity continues in the hearts and action of the rebels around the world . Repression will lead to nothing more than their spreading .The attack of the state will only fuel the insurrection.

We send our flaming solidarity to the anarchist comrades arrest in “Operazione Scripta Manent” in italy Alessandro, Marco, Danilo, Valentina, Anna, Alfredo, Nicola, and Daniele.

Individuals of act for freedom now!


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Down with the maxi-prison: transcripts from last year’s meetings without borders in Brussels

affiche_web1-726x1024Last year between 29 September and 3 October some comrades from around Europe and beyond gathered for a few days of discussions and encounters in Brussels, where anarchists and other rebels have been waging a concerted struggle against the construction of the massive new maxi-prison project. Some transcripts from the talks and debates have now been collected and translated into English, and can be downloaded below as a PDF. The points discussed are very much relevant for struggles in other places including the maxi-prison-city of London. Via Act for Freedom Now and Rabble

PDF on Act for Freedom Now.


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Warsaw 3: Solidarity squat Gig and Party

14424849_508685669336555_8524005351133045960_oCome along on the 7th  October, Solidarity squat gig and party for the Warsaw 3 ! Three anarchist arrested and charged under new anti-terrorism laws in Poland. All proceeds on the night go towards the Warsaw 3 legal cost.

Until All are Free !

More Info about the Warsaw 3:



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London: Free the Warsaw 3 InfoNight!

w31-page-001Just found out about this event happening in Decentre – a social space above Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 7QX.

Wednesday September 28th @ 7pm – 9pm

For a facefook event see here: Blurb copied below…

Talk and discussion about the Warsaw 3; three anarchists arrested and charged under new anti-terrorism laws in Poland. The conversation will extend to how their case is part of a pattern of increased repression of those involved in the anarchist movement and social struggle.
There will be a talk with a comrade from ROD collective based in Warsaw, short movie screening and zines, bar and food for donation. All funds raised on the night will go to towards supporting the arrested comrades.


Free the Warsaw 3 and all hostages of the State

More info and updates:


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Poland: Warsaw 3 update: Judge accepted bail release

Taken from Warsaw ABC website


14th September 2016

Today during a court sitting concerning the complaint for prolonging the arrest of the 3 anarchists, a decision was made to release them on bail. A fee of 20 thousand PLN (4600 euro) was set for each of them. If the money is transferred in a week’s time (7 days from today), the arrested will be released and kept under police surveillance instead. 

60 thousadns PLN (13 800 euro) is a fortune for the families and friends of the arrested. Gathering these funds in one week seems barely possible. If you can – show your support, either financially or by forwarding the call for collecting funds. Every euro brings us closer to getting them out.

Leaving the arrest would mean for the arrested anarchists the end of everyday tortures they suffer after more than 3 months in solitary confinement. We cannot let this chance slip out of our hands!

Support here:

Account Holder: VpKK e.V.
IBAN: DE 4085 0205 0000 0361 5700
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Note: Donation ABC Warsaw \ ACK Warszawa

IMPORTANT: Do not forget about the note “Donation ABC Warsaw” or “ACK Warszawa”. Without it nobody will know that your donation is specially for three anarchists from Warsaw.

Update 17th September 2016: The first person is already released! We are still collecting funds (EN)

We are happy to inform you that the first of the 3 arrested was released! The other two are to leave jail the beginning of the next week.

Together we’ve managed to collect all the bail (60 thousands PLN)  before the deadline! However most of the money is borrowed and we will need to give it back, which means we are still collecting money to return the loans and for the further lawyers’ fees. Big thanks to every person and group that supported the detainees thus making it possible for them to be released. It was once again proved that the amazing power of solidarity can truly improve the situation of the arrested.

Releasing the 3 anarchists shows how important solidarity campaigns are. But even though they’re getting out of prison, it’s not over yet. The criminal investigation against our comrades continues. Until the court case they will be under strict police surveillance. The conditions of the bail release are very rigorous – the accused can’t contact each other nor the witnesses for the case, they have to report to a police station 7 days a week and they cannot change the place they stay or travel abroad.

In this new situation it is extremely important to stick to the rules of safe behavior that we wrote about before. We shouldn’t gossip, speculate or repeat unconfirmed information.

Once again thanks to everyone who supported the solidarity campaign! This mobilization and solidarity deserves great admiration. Every bit of help is invaluable here.

Solidarity brings freedom!

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USA: Support the prisoners strike!

For updates on prisoners striking in USA and solidarity actions across the world check out the following websites;

Support Prisoner Resistance:

Its Going Down:

Mask Magazine live updates:

Strike tracking state by state:

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