Solidarity with the anarchist comrades arrested in Italy from Act for Freedom Now!

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The attack of the State will only fuel the insurrection Solidarity to the anarchist comrades arrested in Italy.

The insurrectionist attack and international solidarity continues in the hearts and action of the rebels around the world . Repression will lead to nothing more than their spreading .The attack of the state will only fuel the insurrection.

We send our flaming solidarity to the anarchist comrades arrest in “Operazione Scripta Manent” in italy Alessandro, Marco, Danilo, Valentina, Anna, Alfredo, Nicola, and Daniele.

Individuals of act for freedom now!


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Down with the maxi-prison: transcripts from last year’s meetings without borders in Brussels

affiche_web1-726x1024Last year between 29 September and 3 October some comrades from around Europe and beyond gathered for a few days of discussions and encounters in Brussels, where anarchists and other rebels have been waging a concerted struggle against the construction of the massive new maxi-prison project. Some transcripts from the talks and debates have now been collected and translated into English, and can be downloaded below as a PDF. The points discussed are very much relevant for struggles in other places including the maxi-prison-city of London. Via Act for Freedom Now and Rabble

PDF on Act for Freedom Now.


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Warsaw 3: Solidarity squat Gig and Party

14424849_508685669336555_8524005351133045960_oCome along on the 7th  October, Solidarity squat gig and party for the Warsaw 3 ! Three anarchist arrested and charged under new anti-terrorism laws in Poland. All proceeds on the night go towards the Warsaw 3 legal cost.

Until All are Free !

More Info about the Warsaw 3:



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London: Free the Warsaw 3 InfoNight!

w31-page-001Just found out about this event happening in Decentre – a social space above Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 7QX.

Wednesday September 28th @ 7pm – 9pm

For a facefook event see here: Blurb copied below…

Talk and discussion about the Warsaw 3; three anarchists arrested and charged under new anti-terrorism laws in Poland. The conversation will extend to how their case is part of a pattern of increased repression of those involved in the anarchist movement and social struggle.
There will be a talk with a comrade from ROD collective based in Warsaw, short movie screening and zines, bar and food for donation. All funds raised on the night will go to towards supporting the arrested comrades.


Free the Warsaw 3 and all hostages of the State

More info and updates:


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Poland: Warsaw 3 update: Judge accepted bail release

Taken from Warsaw ABC website


14th September 2016

Today during a court sitting concerning the complaint for prolonging the arrest of the 3 anarchists, a decision was made to release them on bail. A fee of 20 thousand PLN (4600 euro) was set for each of them. If the money is transferred in a week’s time (7 days from today), the arrested will be released and kept under police surveillance instead. 

60 thousadns PLN (13 800 euro) is a fortune for the families and friends of the arrested. Gathering these funds in one week seems barely possible. If you can – show your support, either financially or by forwarding the call for collecting funds. Every euro brings us closer to getting them out.

Leaving the arrest would mean for the arrested anarchists the end of everyday tortures they suffer after more than 3 months in solitary confinement. We cannot let this chance slip out of our hands!

Support here:

Account Holder: VpKK e.V.
IBAN: DE 4085 0205 0000 0361 5700
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Note: Donation ABC Warsaw \ ACK Warszawa

IMPORTANT: Do not forget about the note “Donation ABC Warsaw” or “ACK Warszawa”. Without it nobody will know that your donation is specially for three anarchists from Warsaw.

Update 17th September 2016: The first person is already released! We are still collecting funds (EN)

We are happy to inform you that the first of the 3 arrested was released! The other two are to leave jail the beginning of the next week.

Together we’ve managed to collect all the bail (60 thousands PLN)  before the deadline! However most of the money is borrowed and we will need to give it back, which means we are still collecting money to return the loans and for the further lawyers’ fees. Big thanks to every person and group that supported the detainees thus making it possible for them to be released. It was once again proved that the amazing power of solidarity can truly improve the situation of the arrested.

Releasing the 3 anarchists shows how important solidarity campaigns are. But even though they’re getting out of prison, it’s not over yet. The criminal investigation against our comrades continues. Until the court case they will be under strict police surveillance. The conditions of the bail release are very rigorous – the accused can’t contact each other nor the witnesses for the case, they have to report to a police station 7 days a week and they cannot change the place they stay or travel abroad.

In this new situation it is extremely important to stick to the rules of safe behavior that we wrote about before. We shouldn’t gossip, speculate or repeat unconfirmed information.

Once again thanks to everyone who supported the solidarity campaign! This mobilization and solidarity deserves great admiration. Every bit of help is invaluable here.

Solidarity brings freedom!

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USA: Support the prisoners strike!

For updates on prisoners striking in USA and solidarity actions across the world check out the following websites;

Support Prisoner Resistance:

Its Going Down:

Mask Magazine live updates:

Strike tracking state by state:

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From Canada to USA: Letter of Support from Quebec Prisoners on Strike

Article taken from its going down website:

A Letter in Support of Prisoners in the US who are striking against prison slavery

First, we want to tell you that you are not alone! We are keeping our eyes on your struggles. We support you!

In your call for a strike on September 9th you evoke the uprising in Attica that began on September 9, 1971. You write about ending prison slavery by ceasing to be slaves yourselves. We see you. We hear you. We support you.

We are a group of people, some in prison, some not in prison, and some who are in between. We are critical of the prison system and all its trappings. We would like to share with you some stories of our struggles.

Where we are, there is a traditional work stoppage inside federal prisons on August 10th. Though stronger in years past, Prisoners Justice Day is a day when prisoners here refuse to eat, refuse to work, refuse to leave our cells. We commemorate those who have died in prison. When the tradition started in 1974, prison officials would punish us for it, write us up, lock us up, dock our pay. One day in Collins Bay Penitentiary, a federal prison in Ontario, the kitchen decided to not cook breakfast on August 10th. They knew we were not planning to eat, but we knew that this day is about more than fasting. We lined up in their kitchen demanding breakfast and one by one disposed of it in the garbage.

Federal prisoners in Canada pay room and board. In 2013, our pay was docked and half of that was justified by an increase in room and board payments. In February of 2016, we wrote a list of demands to the federal government. We excerpt the section on work and pay here:

“We protest the cuts to our wages. We should have access to real wages, not pennies. CorCan (Corrections Canada Industries) is a separate entity of Correctional Services Canada (CSC). Its mission was to provide meaningful employment and skills. It was a way for long term prisoners to keep their families together and short-termers to build some money for release. In fall 2013, prisoners’ pay was cut. The bonuses/incentives that prisoners used to receive for working at CorCan were taken away… Currently, the maximum wage we make in 10 days is $69. Of that sum, we must pay $15.18 to kitchen services, $5.52 to telephone services and maintenance, $11 to television fees and maintenance, and $3.73 to savings. Only $33.57 remains. Our pay rates have not been indexed to inflation since 1982.”

We went on to demand access to the provincial minimum wage, access to the Canadian Pension Plan, and real workplace insurance. We demanded access to trades and training while in prison that have an accreditation that is recognized on the outside. We have, thus far, received no concrete response to our demands.

The complete list of demands to the federal government is included with this letter. (As this is an email, here is a link to the entire list of demands:

If you want to write to us, for whatever reason, you can reach us here:

PO Box 55051

CP Mackay
Montreal, Quebec

or at

In commemoration of all those who have died inside, including the prisoners who died in the uprising at Attica, when state troopers stormed the prison with shotguns and teargas, we connect our struggle to yours. We will be watching.

In solidarity,

the Termite Collective

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From Mexico to USA: Fernando Bárcenas Calls for Solidarity with Prison Strike

Article taken from here:

Open letter to compañerxs.

Note: The use of the word prison in this text refers to all artificial environments that domesticate us so as to insert us by force into the capitalist system of production; this is a contribution to deepen the reflection of all living beings in the hands of economic powers and the technological project…

Compas, I greet you with insurrectionary love, that these words of war may reach you; greeting as well the coming days of insurrection, as ideas bloom in the fields like flowers we should not stop tending.

We do not know if there will be a victory, but what we do know is that they will not occupy our dreams and our lives…

The only truly free moment is when we fight for freedom, because we prefer to die rather than accept this way of life, and without realizing it we are already free, because nothing occupies our minds except the sole desire to set fire to reality…

But what hides behind this destructive war, behind the somber darkness of the human spirit? Is it not perhaps the reflection and poetic manifestation of beings taking back their lives and actively influencing the organization of the daily life?

If each person that bragged about their “freedom” became aware of their condition, it would be the beginning of the last war, our last opportunity.

I have learned that the potentials for a real force capable of opposing and negating capitalism are revealed in the course of the daily lives of the people.

They are simple linkages of ideas and actions; we don’t want to be palatable to the modern consumerist masses, that is why I believe a true form of self-organization can only exist among the most beaten-down and marginalized people, who daily live in a war driven by instinct and feeling rather than reason…

As an unspoiled and wild conscience, not too manipulated by educational systems, is always more likely to be open to anarchist positions…

To others, who instinctively sense, feel driven towards disobedience, it’s just creating the “spark” to ignite the flame…

But generally, to cause one to reflect, a prisoner, for example, we find that simple words aren’t enough, because this is someone who lives in the war every day and who knows the landscape much better than we do and that doesn’t happen through words, but through real actions and attitudes that are in line with what we think and say.

Many question the “tactics” or “methods” as if it were a competition and with that I’m not saying we should isolate and avoid conscious criticism, but to the contrary; the only problem is that we are dragging along bourgeois influences, like shackles around our necks that historically have permeated the organizational formations of those who call themselves libertarians…

Radically opposite that, I don’t thinks it’s necessary to rationalize all aspects of life. The social revolution is built daily, without manuals or dogmas, as much in our social life as in the shadows, and not because one has to be revolutionary by decree, but because the word revolution for me, and I know for many others, means to take an active role in this war, but always in our own way, and because of that we can’t keep closing our eyes when faced with any doctrine or scientific or religious ideology, as learning and knowledge are acquired in the popular trenches, in experimentation, in confusion, in spontaneity, we don’t want set goals or standards, because it would be sentencing ourselves to ignorance and slavery…

The problem of the great civilizations that have existed so far is that they have all based their worldviews on exact and quantifiable sciences…

The human feels such anguish at the insignificance of its existence given the absolute abandonment that is life under the prison regimes of the cities and prisons; and because of that it seeks refuge and relief by trying to give a fictitious “order” to life; it dedicates itself to seeking to understand everything and reduce it all to its world and size. If we focused more on simply enjoying the exquisiteness of existence we would find relief for all the evils created in us by civilizational domestication, and all the catastrophic wars that the human has brought to this earth by naively seeking to break the natural order of life could have been avoided…

And that is why in this imposed war, in which we live and suffer slavery and misery at the hands of a few who in the name of capital have bestowed upon themselves the right to direct our existence, it is still not too late to realize that the centuries of history that have preceded us have taught us that any form of government is always the same thing; the justification of the right to restrict and to punish in order to exploit…

As even the most primitive living organism instinctively knows that if it is not capable of adapting to its environment it will eventually become extinct; the question would then be: Will the human be capable of adapting to the conditions of artificial life imposed on it by the techno-industrial environment?

In wild nature and in ourselves the components exist that make the way forward possible. It is absurd to think about possessing all natural resources and materials in our environment, that is a colonial and anthropocentric vision of life and its reproduction will imminently bring with it the edification of the principles of authority and power and, as a consequence, slavery and war…

Our participation in the war must therefore be radically different from the imperialist way of war…it is not war for war, it is not war for its sake, but for our wild defense…

This is a call for revolutionary solidarity against the slavery and extermination imposed by economic plunder…in north america, latin america, the middle east, europe and all other places touched by civilization, know that we are preparing ourselves within these Mexican prisons, but that will be shown through action…

In the war with our prisoner brothers, the slaves of the United States, who are rising up and coordinating a national strike in the prisons of north america on September 9, 2016, and with all other prisoners and slaves in foreign prisoners…

Until we are all free.

Fernando Bárcenas Castillo.

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From Greece to USA: statement from anarchist prisoners in D wing Korydallos Prison

Us prison strike salutation

The 9/9/71 marked one of the most important dates for the struggle against prisons. The uprising in Attica would still be a major event, even without the subsequent massacre committed by the cops who acted in compliance with the mandates of the Law and Order doctrine, which has found various diversified applications in the western world until today.

Back then, the liberation movements (black liberation, anti-war movement, feminist movement etc.) that were active outside prisons influenced a substantial number of US prisoners, who chose to position the prison -as a space and institution- in the core of struggle for change in the status quo.

Prisons constitute a fundamental tool in the hands of the state and its pursuit to get rid of all those who are deemed superfluous or dangerous to the deathly hush it seeks to impose.

The more capitalism evolves and reaches its limits, swallowing down human beings, natural resources and entire ecosystems in its destructive course of action, the bigger profits it demands, resulting in millions of people being turned into slaves.

The Pan-American strike which is due on 9/9 means to convey a straightforward message:
“We refuse to be slaves any longer”.

Forced labor in public or private, federal or state prisons turns nearly 2.500.000 prisoners in the US into slaves to international corporations.

“This is a call to end slavery in America. This call goes directly to the slaves themselves”, as we read in the prisoners’ announcement.

We know how hard it is to fight capitalism where it’s the most powerful, namely the US; and we also know that depriving it from part of its profits is the only way to inflict a severe damage.

That’s why the upcoming strike is of utmost importance.

That’s why we stand in solidarity and salute the subversive dignity of the prisoners in the US.



Some anarchist prisoners from Greece
Korydallos Prison     Block D

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Information sent from Anti-Fenix:

On Sunday, September 4th, police captured our comrade Lukáš Borl. Lukáš is an anarchist who has lived in underground for about a year, due to previous intense surveillance. On Monday September 5th the court sent him to custody jail. State attorney, Naďa Voláková, commented on the case for the Czech News Agency: “I confirm the capture of a man who is accused of foundation, supporting and promoting a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms, black mail and misdemeanor of criminal damage…”

We do not yet know what exactly Lukáš is accused of. We will continue to provide updates. So far you can support him by sending a letter or by a spontaneous noise demonstration. Lukáš is held in a custody jail in the city of Litoměřice. Here is the address:

Lukáš Borl 1.3.1982
Vazební věznice Litoměřice
Veitova 1
412 81 Litoměřice

On 6th September a small group of friends gathered around custody jail in Litoměřice to greet and support an imprisoned anarchist Lukáš Borl. This little demo was proof that even a small number of people can make loud mess which people behind bars have no chance to miss.

Any kind of further support is welcome. FREE LUKAS, DOWN WITH PRISONS!

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