Silence broken around the Modena prison killings

In march 2020 riots sparked in several prisons around Italy to fight against the inhumane conditions the prisoners are living under, particularly worsened by the pandemic in an already overcrowded situation.

After 2 days the riots came to an end, and the news reported several deaths among the inmates with a death toll that quickly raised up to 14. Fourteen people most of them migrants and 9 of which in Modena only. The screws, the government and the media rushed to label the killings as methadone overdoses and calling for a mafia conspiracy that organised the riots. Everything in order to cover up this homicides, bury the dissident voices and minimise the reasons of the protests to criminal acts.

But after months of silence, finally some voices managed to come out of the prison telling a very different story. In fact 5 prisoners from Modena released an official statement asking for an investigation, in which they gave a narration of those days made of torture, brutal beatings from the police and neglect.

It obviously took a lot of courage for this people to speak out as they are still in the same prison where the killings occured and with the same screws.

For this reason in solidarity with this people that decide to put their face, literally. We invite to write them to the follow address:

Mattia Palloni, Cipriani Claudio, Belmonte Cavazza, D’Angelo Francesco, Bianco Ferruccio


Strada Statale Sant’Anna , 370, 41122 Modena (MO) Italy

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London Anarchist Black Cross, is a collective set up with the aim of supporting prisoners: political prisoners, people in detention centers or just people fucked over by the capitalist system.
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