People’s Assembly demo: A view from below

OK so, the People’s Assembly had a demo. last Saturday with apparently 50, 000 people on the streets of Central London.
There were various blocs from an international solidarity bloc to anti-austerity, anti-war and anti-fascism and then of course our bloc, the Class War bloc.

So after an early start we arrived in London, bolted off the coach and onto the Class War bloc passing
the usual lefty and tinfoil hat sects. We, Class War, were definitely the most dynamic and vocal of the blocs right from the off. I will discuss the
Class War bloc and Class War in general in my next post.

After taking ages to set off and initially a slow stop-start beginning the demo. picked up pace past the BBC HQ and down Regent Street, past Trafalgar Square, through the colon that is Whitehall and into Parliament Square where it came to an end.

At the end in Parliament Square there was the usual plethora of celebrity speakers from Owen “It’ll be different this time” Jones to Russel Brand. The only decent speakers were the 999 NHS speaker and the Artist Taxi Driver.

What was good about the demo.? The broad spectrum of people on the demo, the Class War bloc. and a decent size.

What was shit about the demo.? It showed the impotence of the left and the anti-austerity “movement”, was a display of middle-class celebrity worship (In all but two speakers on the platform) and it was the typical inaffective A to B. But what was the most incredibly negative aspect of the whole day was the People’s Assembly (With money and middle/upper-class backers aplenty) refused to provide a ramp onto the stage in order to facilitate a speaker from Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC). Apparently the People’s Assembly told DPAC that it was ‘their problem to sort out’ at their ‘own expense’ (Despite the People’s Assembly being plush). Totally disgusting and shows that the People’s Assembly are only really interested in facilitating the every whim of arseholes like Owen ‘I’m the only voice out there’ Jones rather than decent grassroots activists like those from DPAC. The People’s Assembly should be held accountable for this.

I haven’t written much about the demo. itself because like most demos. fuck all happened apart from a few decent moments coming from the Class War bloc (Which as I have said I will deal with in another post) and a few others.

So all-in-all not a bad demo (I have been on and seen worse) but it could have been better.

Let’s hope that 17th October is both more affective and more relevant. Let’s build it and have a proper go at it.

All the best to the striking fire fighters!
Cheerio chaps!

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