Social Apartheid

Recently we have seen a few brazen cases of social apartheid such as the anti-homeless spikes and the police’s criminalisation of homelessness. To rub salt into the wound though is the case of the “poor door” at No. 1 Commercial Street in the East End of London. The issues here is separate doors for those in social housing and for middle/upper-class yuppie and hipster scum. Seriously, I shit you not!

The “poor door”, the one that is reserved exclusively for privileged use by us mere plebs, is somewhat hidden at the side of the building whilst the door for the scum walk in through a lovely door at the front of the building.

This has been met by resistance from Class War and looks as if it is going to be part of a sustained campaign.

One Commercial Street development

Door for scum on the left and door for us plebs on the right

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Some of the Class War bods at work outside of No. 1 Commercial Street

There is going to be anti-social apartheid actions held by Class War every Wednesday at No. 1 Commercial Street, East London. If you can get to it then get stuck right in, this is action at the heart of the community. This is tangible anarchism in action, direct class war, taking the fight direct to the enemy. There are plenty of self-identifying “anarchists” in and around London which have absolutely no excuse to not be there. Granted that some do have valid reasons not to be there (Work, childcare commitments etc.) but most so-called “anarchists” in London have no real excuse whatsoever.


Fucking be there if you want anarchism to mean anything real or spend your time twiddling your thumbs and intellectually masturbating!

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