Baroness Warsi resigns

So Tory arsehole extraordinaire Baroness Warsi has resigned her post in the Cabinet over the government’s appallingly shit response to the genocide in Gaza.

Whilst this is in itself a pretty decent move if it were sincere, which I do not think it is (It seems at best an act of political self-preservation because she still maintains her membership of the Conservative Party and her seat in the House of Lords), we should not forget that this is Baroness fucking Warsi. She is a massive Tory hack for crying out loud. Don’t be fooled by her, she has caused so much damage to the working-class here that it can never be forgotten nor can it ever be forgiven…political stunt or no political stunt!

Besides, she was quite happy to accept her post all the while her government was dealing arms to the murderers of the IDF.

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