Farage digging himself an even deeper hole!

A bit late in responding to this one but patronising racist and all round reactionary fuck bag Nigel Farage, leader of the ultra-Tory United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) defended racist and homophobic terms such as “poofter” and “chinky”. This is when one of UKIP’s parliamentary candidates made the excuse that his comments of chinky, poofter and ‘shooting peasants’ were due to him taking sedatives.

I have had sedatives and I am born and bred council estate but none of this has ever caused me to be a racist, homophobic and anti-working-class prick!

Hey Mr. Farage, you patronising prick, if this is your attempt at relating to working-class voters then I really hope you carry on the way you are going.


Merry Christmas dick head!

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