May 2010 a group of people start to set up a space inside of a new social centre in Camberwell Green to create a bicycle workshop diy for the community.

We cleared a space inside the building. The creepy corridor leading to an even creepier workshop were only overcome by close-friends or residents who knew about what could be found at the end of the tunnel: our first donation of around 10 bikes, a donation of sorted bike parts from a friendly project and leaks…

Told us there was the possibility to move to a smaller but closer room, just right a step to the street. Not many tools and not many bicycle parts at the beginning but an enthusiasm to make it work give live to the proyect. Another friendly project provided us with second-hand tools. Local people donated drop by drop bikes they were not using anymore.

Despite being in the main road, not so many locals approached the workshop at the beginning. Now, we are happy to know that locals from several origins, as well as our long-time beloved resisting-housing-speculation-and-regeneration comrades (yeah, most of them squatters!), come easily for a chat as for donating spare parts or their time to help us around!