A new and exciting website: Animal Liberation Currents

A new website has recently been launched called Animal Liberation Currents. It’s first page issues an inspiring call to arms (see below). There are also a number of interesting articles. One which is of especial interest is called Socialism and Animal Liberation – a necessary synthesis.  More on this article soon.

Animal Liberation Currents takes its place at a time marked by a historically weak Left, a resurgent right wing, a polarized social landscape and increasingly violent states. Unions and social movements have been in retreat for decades. Whatever radicalism that once may have been envisioned by an animal rights movement is nowhere to be found.

The crisis, it is true, has a great many forms. But for media such as ours, taking our first steps in the context of an animal liberation movement still struggling with the most elementary questions of strategic political orientation, it is necessarily a profound crisis of the imagination.

Continues here: http://www.animalliberationcurrents.com/2016/11/03/where-is-the-radical-imagination/#more-788


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