Friday 2 December: protest against cruel and misleading animal experiments at University College London

On Friday 2 December the Animal Justice Project is holding a demonstration against vivisection at University College London. UCL is the third largest user of laboratory animals in the country, behind only Oxford and Edinburgh.

Meet noon at the Main Quad, UCL, Gower Street, London WC1E. The protest will last until 5pm. Nearest tubes: Euston Square, Warren Street.

If you have questions about the event, contact:

As part of its Campus Without Cruelty Campaign, AJP contacted 15 London universities via the Freedom of Information Act. Three failed to respond – Royal Veterinary College, Roehampton University and Imperial College London. Of the 12 that did respond, only the Institute of Cancer Research, King’s College London, Royal Holloway University of London, and St George’s University of London provided facts and figures for their animal experiments.

UCL  did not supply any details but here is one of the cruel experiments carried out there:

Two rhesus monkeys were hooked up to machines, with wires inserted into various parts of their bodies, including the muscles in their hands and arms. The animals were made to sit still in front of a carousel, with their hands in a specific location. They then performed tasks such as the picking up, and grasping of items and the machine took neuron readings from the inserted electrodes.

The findings revealed only little more than what was already known from non-invasive observational tests and similar tests undertaken by humans. The researchers admit that the human tests and the non-human animal experiments do not correlate.

Please join the demonstration on 2 December to protest against the 200,000+ animals who die in dreadful experiments like this at UCL every year.

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