Free Sven and Natasha – campaign update

Two activists in Holland who have been awaiting extradition to the UK for over four years.

For most of us, the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences is a piece of history. After trying for 15 years to close down this notorious laboratory, SHAC called it quits in August 2014 and  HLS – perhaps fearful of its reputation – recently rebranded itself as Envigo.

SHAC activist Debbie Vincent, sentenced to six years in 2014, is due for release on licence in April. Her co-defendants Sven and Natasha have been on remand for four and a half years, awaiting extradition to the UK. They live in Amsterdam and in July 2012 they were raided and charged with conspiracy to blackmail  between November 2008  and December 2010, accused of carrying out a range of actions, from posting polite campaign letters to criminal damage.

Sven and Natasha will soon be sent to Britain, facing up to 14 years in prison. They may well be the last activists ever to stand trial in the name of SHAC. But if this really is the final chapter in an historic campaign, let’s hope it ends on a high note – with their acquittal!

Sven and Natasha have their own support campaign:

Interview from January 2016:

Please write to Debbie to show support and solidarity in the last few months of her sentence.

Debbie Vincent #A5819DE, HMP Send, Ripley Road, Woking, Surrey GU23 7LJ, United Kingdom.

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