Redbricks Radio Launch Party at Salutation 14th May 2011

Redbricks Radio Launch party, which crazily happened at the Sally on the Day.
DJ’s – Comedy – Quiz
Sat 14th May – 8-10pm

Manchester City won the FA and United got the Premiership. This meant that just about everyone in the pub was fooking Steaming. Yes, they’re steaming while we’re streaming.

Many thanks to Protag for coming and recording this and streaming it live – there’s no way we would have done it in the chaos! Thanks to Steven the compare, and Rod the DJ and guest, Richard from Mule, Nes, Leonie and Billy from the Sally. Also very special thanks to the regulars of the Sally, Spider Park and friends of the Redbricks!

Redbricks Radio, the new community radio  is proud to support local music, projects and campaigns. The event was transmitted live on

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