Redbricks Intranet Collective (RIC) maintain the intranet that covers much of the estate and provides internet access.

We’ll try our best to get and keep you connected – but only as far as the end of the cable into your flat.  We are not responsible for nor do we have the capacity to sort out your computer problems.

RIC is a volunteer-run community group that meets regularly. If you want to get involved or you want connecting, then contact us.

For the whole of 2011 internet access was reliable (within reasonable limits). All your Internet software such as web, email, FTP, should work. See the Status Updates section below for more information. If you cannot get Internet access and the problem isn’t reported in the Status Updates section, then either it’s a general problem we don’t know about or it’s an issue specific to you, either way get in touch. Use the Troubleshooting Network Issues page to help if you’re having problems.

Your continued Internet use requires that you abide by our Terms & Conditions of Use.

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