spotter card project underway!

We want to make


To aid in the identification of bailiffs, security guards, cops, other thugs & agents of darkness…


if we know who’s fucking with us we can fight back against them; better defend those who get threatened/ evicted/ arrested; try out legal strategies to stop them etc.





What is the Squatters Legal Network doing?

We have been trying to compile information about the ways S144 has been used (and abused) since its creation in September 2012, and about the other legal issues sqautters have been facing over the past year.

We are currently hard at work putting some of these details together into an annual report, which should be available early in 2014.

If you’ve suffered from a dodgy eviction, arrest, assault or threats, and haven’t told us about it yet, please do get in touch. The more info we receive, the better we’ll be able to advise and support other squatters.

We’ve been out and about, sharing our legal knowledge with other squatters, at meetings and in legal workshops, and in different crews’ squats. Over the winter, we’re planning to publish some more information and updates about legal issues: there will be regular updates on this blog, and actual pamphlets available for distribution.

One thing that has been clear:  If you are arrested – for S144 or anything else – sticking to ‘No Comment’ throughout your time at the police station/ any interview is the best strategy. We don’t recommend using duty solicitors, but if you do, and stick to ‘No Comment’, you’ll be able to discuss your case with a decent solicitor before saying anything to the cops.

Decent solicitors

We’re always on the look-out for decent solicitors and barristers who can help with a range of cases. If you know any great squat-sympathetic lawyers, who’ve done a good job on your or a friend’s behalf in the past, please let us know about them!

In London, we are currently recommending:

Hodge Jones and Allen 0765 911 1192or 0207 874 8300
ITN 0208 522 7707

Both of these firms have experience of the kinds of cases we deal with, and a good track record. If you’re based elsewhere in England/ Wales, please contact us about solicitors who cover your area.

How to contact SLN

Call us on 0792 576 9858

We aim to collect information about how the police use their powers, and how bailiffs and others abuse theirs.
We would really like to hear from you if you get hassle from the police, or anybody else. If you’ve been evicted unlawfully, or arrested, we’d like to help you – put you in touch with decent solicitors – gather evidence – support you through the process of defending yourself/ complaining/ suing the police (and possibly receiving financial compensation in the future).
We work closely with ASS and other groups, but would like to be in closer contact with as many squat crews as possible. Arm yourself with legal knowledge – as well as building barricades – get in touch if you’d like to arrange some legal training/ a legal question & answer session for your crew.

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