Breaking News: SAR Monument

Breaking: SAR team to be honoured with monument.

In a move echoing the national emergency services monument, our local team will also be immortalised by local artist Crejinda Maltinwort. The statue, cast in bronze, will depict a group of overweight responders in ill-fitting jackets desperately fighting over a remote control unit as a drone crashes into a huge pile of cash. The cash will be stuffed in a military grade all body webbing system, sitting on the bonnet of a blue-lit liveried subaru impreza, as a barrister watches and rubs his hands in expectation of another futile legal case. A dog wearing a harness will bark randomly at passers-by to symbolise the high rate of missed targets. 

Team member Tim Heaton said “It’s about time we were honoured for our work, and hopefully it will result in a bit more cash flow. Sharp cars and legal fees don’t grow on trees you know.”

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Free food matters

Well done for the Spice restaurant in Virginia Water for providing the food, a very generous and thoughtful gesture.

Yet again Surrey SAR showing they are happy to take free food from Indians, just not have them as team members.


The Ladybird book about the SAR Team


Diary of a Rescue Hero: May 22nd 2020

Got a good blue light run in to Virginia water today, to rescue an old lady. I was at B&Q in The Interceptor, which is actually a bit further away so managed to blatt it across almost the whole county. Got there before everyone else too, #speed_demon.

I went to say hello to the SEBEV guys but they just looked sullen and  not especially pleased to see me. They perked up when the Salvation Army van arrived thogh. I’m guessing low blood sugar. Anyway, turns out she was still in the old people’s home, and they just didn’t count right when they did the rounds in the morning.

Seamus wrote a great post on the social medias though that made it look like we’d found and rescued her again, and we even got our picture on the SurreyLive website, so all round success. #justoneman #makingadifference #bluelightrun

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Naughty naughty …very naughty?

More disturbing news from the watery world of SurSAR. One of their members, in name only, as he never turns up and doesn’t do any of the training despite supposedly everyone being a Search Technician first and a specialist second, may have been involved in a casual bit of fraud. Still, its all sort of for a good cause, and if you’re a trustee, or one of their friends, we can always bend the rules.

This particular member is very well-respected in the water rescue community due to his skills, was the national lead for water rescue and is a Rescue 3 instructor. It also seems he is something important in the RNLI.

Unfortunately for all concerned we have evidence that suggests he may have been a naughty boy. This individual was a special in the Metropolitan Police and should know what fraud is. It looks like James Rossell has really dropped him in it this time. People on the team are furious at what James Rossell has done, it is common knowledge and flying around on WhatsApp messages between team members and other organisations. SFRS have also leaked documentation too….its not looking good.

Is this why our aquatic friend rapidly stood down as a Trustee of Lowland Rescue last year? Did he get wind that Mr Rossell had been foolish? We think everyone at the needs to come clean and explain to the police how Mr Rossell was able to do what he did as well as cutting links to Surrey SAR to protect his own reputation.

In the mean time, if you have Rescue 3 water qualification from Surrey SAR and signed of by someone at the RNLI, then it may well be moody and you may have wasted your money. Unless you think funding the lifestyle of the rich and famous is a good use of your money, of course.


Diary of a Rescue Hero: May 9th 2020

Got a shout to Sussex and I was halfway down the A24 on blues before I realised it was just a search for a vulnerable person. #boringsnoring I left it to the weird dog people and the OrdinarySAR chaps and went back to my project. It’s a Fokker E.III Eindecker but I keep getting the parts stuck to my fingers when they should be being stuck together. One of the wheel struts went up my nose the other day, and I don’t think its come out yet.

Better keep it quiet as Piers says that too many model aircraft parts in the brain can be harmful. Bit naughty, but bluelighted it back to B&Q for some more superglue. No point in putting them on the car if you don’t use them #everydayhero #justoneman #searchandrescue


Diary of a Rescue Hero: April 16th 2020

Another shout last night at Hampton Court. I like the jobs there because I get to have a really long blue light run across pretty much the whole county. I arrived early, as obviously none of the rest of the team have a response car, so I mooched about a bit to see if I could get my picture in the paper.

Once the team arrived we got rigged and launched the new speedboat, but because we were all looking at the press lady we accidentally launched into the Diana fountain.

Seamus looked really angry with me, but I got the last laugh (again!) as the policeman in charge said that was where we’d probably be safest. Another day, another thrilling rescue. Well, not a rescue in this case as the chap we were looking for turned out to be round his mums house, but another blue light run anyway!


Diary of a Rescue Hero: April 2020

Monday: Had a brilliant idea tonight watching Seamus’ latest TikTok video. The NHS seem to be getting a lot of love and attention each Thursday night, when all they do is drive around in ambulances. I bet they don’t even have a speed boat. Besides, Daddy says there are a lot of foreigners in the NHS.

Tuesday: I made some posters, but Seamus laughed and said I’d spelt rescue wrong. My first poster said “Lets give James the clap” and Piers and Seamus did that thing where they look at each other and laugh behind their hands. They told me that under no circumstances should I try to initiate a clap for SAR event on Friday. I’ll show them.

Wednesday. I used Daddy’s laptop to spell check and knock up some fliers for the street (he really does spend a lot of time searching for pictures of a Meghan Fox. I assume it’s something like an Arctic Fox. He’s such a fan of nature). Very pleased with them, and spent the afternoon putting them through every letterbox in the street.

Thursday. Put the blue lights on The Interceptor in the road. The neighbours always look at me funnily, even though they know I’m basically real emergency services. One of them is a firefighter, and he always just mutters stuff under his breath when I put the siren on in my drive. Once the clapping was done I shouted “Tomorrow night. Clap for SAR yeah?” to Mr & Mrs Rodrigues,  and the stroppy firefighter neighbour on the other side, but I’m not sure they heard me. They just sort of looked away and went back into their house shaking their heads.

Friday. Well that was a huge disappointment. I put The Interceptor out in the street and set the siren to “TSG-04” which is one of the really butch ones. I saw some curtains twitching so I know they were in, but NO-ONE came out to clap for me. Seriously, sometimes I wonder what I have to do to get people to see how I’m just one man, trying to make a difference. With a liveried sportscar.


About SAR Monitor

This site is a whistleblowing website for current and ex-Surrey SAR volunteers and anyone with an interest in Lowland Rescue.

SurSAR is a charity and membership is voluntary. SurSAR help out the emergency services which is admirable however there is a very big problem with the constitutional make up as the Trustees are also the day to day management which leads to conflicts of interest and a toxic atmosphere. There are no paid volunteers except some of the Trustees/Management have made (and continue to make) personal financial gains from the charity activity as there is no one to challenge them.

Members who have challenged the Trustees have always been removed from the charity for challenging their authority. Many members are unhappy with the current set up and how whistleblowing, bullying, racism, sexism are ignored and covered up by the Trustees/Management.

Many people simply leave rather than challenging the Trustees. This site provides them with an opportunity to describe their experiences so that new members, the emergency services and people who donate to the charity are aware of what is going on.

There is a growing portfolio of incidents already recorded and spanning since the team started. It does not make for good reading. We are mindful that some of what we can reveal might cause emotional distress to families of the deceased if we reveal how SurSAR have frequently messed up however on balance we need people to know that Surrey Police POLSA’s are not effectively controlling searches which is leading to mistakes that are covered up by Management.

We DO NOT want SurSAR to stop helping the Emergency Services but we do want the corrupt, inappropriate behaviour to stop and for positive change to happen. The only way this can start is if the Trustees immediately resign and have no further involvement in SAR. A new structure with independent Trustees needs to be implemented.

What are Lowland Rescue doing?

Lowland Rescue are acutely aware of the problems at SurSAR however, they are toothless tigers. They oversee Lowland Rescue teams in the UK and set standards however they have no powers or ability to control what each team does as each team is an individual charity. SurSAR Trustees have often said “we are on our own” and do what they want which illustrates the contempt they have towards Lowland Rescue.

We know LR nationally do not like Surrey Search and Rescue Trustees due to the disgraceful conduct when they were Trustees of LR and this sadly reflects on the rest of the team to the extent that neighbouring teams are reluctant to ask SurSAR for mutual aid. LR need more evidence to effectively deal with SurSAR so please provide anonymous information where you can.

We know that some of you have been subjected to bullying, inappropriate sexual harassment and racism amongst other inappropriate behaviour. We urge you to record and share your experiences so that together we can press for reform at SurSAR, remove the management & Trustees and return it back to its former days when it was a happier and friendly place to volunteer.