Join the Rebellion!

'Join the Rebellion' poster in the Star Wars style, featuring guinea pig pilot

We are Anarres, a housing co-op, that has now raised enough money to begin purchasing our first house, and converting it to have extra bedrooms. We are looking for two new members to join us. Our co-op currently consists of four friendly anarchists, one dog and two guinea-pigs.

We are looking for people who are queer-friendly, up for being involved in running different aspects of the co-op, and willing to be open and honest to discuss any issues that can and do arise between housemates. It would be a bonus if new housemates were also positive about our plans to engage with local community projects.

As a group, we like to do things together, such as: playing RPGs and boardgames, cooking and sharing vegan meals, gardening, watching sci-fi, rambling in the countryside, and rambling at great length into the evenings, though we do also respect the need for personal space – except for Poppy the dog.

If Anarres sounds like the future for you, please email us a short note about why you’re interested in joining us, and we’ll send you an application form: anarreshousing[at]riseup[dot]net

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