Maybe Tomorrow, We Might Just Settle Down

Just in case you’re wondering, we’re still here. It’s been a while since we did an update – sorry – but we’re still in one piece. Neither covid nor any other disaster has upended us to an early grave, but neither have we moved in to a new house, or indeed been exiled to a moonbase of any description. In fact, those of you within Radical Routes or elsewhere in our periphery will have probably guessed that the house we were getting hyped up about has fallen through. Not literally. More figuratively, in a contractual, business-speak kinda way. So, we are back to house-hunting… Or would be, if there wasn’t a pandemic.

On the other hand, we have gained two new members! Which is exciting, and our virus-imposed house-hunting holiday gives us a chance to get to know each other, introduce the new folks to stuff, and talk more about what we want our secondary rules to be (jargonwatch: primary rules are what Anarres needs to be a legit co-op, and secondary rules are what we need to be functional as a project and a member of Radical Routes; we’re working our way up to tertiary rules).

One of our pet humans has finished working on a giant cage (err, animal hotel? Habitation module? Animal liberation now!) for the guinea pigs, with four separate floors. Imagine a cross between a rabbit hutch and a multi-storey carpark. They are gradually getting used to the concept of ramps… but it’s been a slow (and fascinating, for the humans watching!) process.

Poppy the dog has had a small lump removed from her foot, and we’re waiting to hear whether the vets will decide to cut her whole toe off (In terms of cybernetics, we’re probably just thinking of a basic limb replacement, probably tasteful matt grey, maybe neon underlighting, but we might go for strength amplification or wired reflexes when we have more cash. Shadowrun: unlikely, but not forgotten!). But it’s healed well, and whatever it is, we caught it fairly early.

Meanwhile, other staples of everyday life – like work, BASE and Roses food project, roleplaying games, and court support – continue as usual. On the latter, a friend of ours recently had a case dropped, although it took the bad guys 10 months to decide to admit they were wasting everyone’s time. Ah well. There will most likely be winnings from that one.

And that’s it from us for now. Hope you are all snug and well-loved in this surreal headfuck of a winter.

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