Steve Laws, fascist fake journalist.

Steve Laws, fascist fake journalist.

CW: Racism, homophobia, islamophobia, Covid-19 hoax conspiracies.

Following Kent Antifascists’ tweet on Steve Laws, perhaps it’s time to talk a little bit more about him. 

Meet Steve Laws, a 29 year old “citizen journalist” living in Folkestone who claims to seek to “expose the truth” on the recent increase in refugees landing on UK shores, which mainly involves lurking around Dover with a pair of binoculars for his Youtube livestreams, shoving his camera in the faces of asylum seekers who are being housed in poorly conditioned army barracks, and, as the AFN mentioned in their recent report on the Dover demo shambles, getting nicked for stealing used dinghies off the beach.   

Clearly, Mr Laws would like his supporters to believe that he is performing some kind of civic duty – his social media is saturated with his PayPal link to encourage people to give him money to do this.  He has been featured several times in tabloid articles about the increase of refugees described as a “local” and an “onlooker” providing commentary on the situation, as well as selling his photos via the SWNS agency.   

However – the real truth is that Steve Laws is a member of the far right anti-Muslim For Britain party and a supporter of ethnonationalist and identitarian politics. Steve also regularly platforms other fascists and neo-nazi content on his social media. 

On his profile, he claims to be a “For Britain candidate”.  He also regularly posts on Parler encouraging folk to join the party, and featured on their official podcast.

Here he is promoting the recent launch of Generation Identity 3.0 aka “Identity England”, which right now is just a few members of the old GI London group holding up an expensive looking banner.  GI are an identitarian group who are advocates of the “Great Replacement” conspiracy, Steve Laws has also posted about this conspiracy on his Telegram channel.

Steve’s Telegram channel is often seen to promote several other ethnonationalist groups and channels such as Proud Boys Britannia, the UK chapter of the “Western chauvinist” neo-fascist group who recently made headlines via Donald Trump’s direct address to “stand down and stand by” during a recent live debate.  Another channel is “Way of the World”, who shares neo-nazi content and openly supports Patriotic Alternative (Steve can also be seen on twitter following and favouriting the likes of Laura Towler, their deputy leader).  Others he follows and supports includes the usual pack of “counter-jihadi” grifters such as Tommy Robinson and Britain First.  

Having spent a short time reviewing Steve’s social media, it is worth drawing attention to some of the extremist statements that Steve has directly made himself, that are specifically anti-black, anti-LGBTQ+ and supportive of conspiracies surrounding Covid-19.

In conclusion, it is patently clear that any news or media agencies who consider themselves against racism, homophobia and dangerous conspiracies should stay well clear of this nasty little fascist, and locals, volunteers and anti-racist demonstrators should give him a wide berth.  

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