Neo-Nazi Music Teacher Oliver Staines of Patriotic Alternative

Neo-Nazi Music Teacher Oliver Staines of Patriotic Alternative

Oliver goes by “Olaf” in organising circles and is a BNP member alongside PA. In a conversation with an infiltrator, Oliver said that he is heavily into conspiracies and is a Neo-Nazi. He has taken part in several minor actions like banner drops outside of London.

Oliver on his way to meet an Anti-Fascist infiltrator under the name Olaf. The meeting was organised through the Patriotic Alternative London chat.

Oliver’s publicly listed number for his teaching is also his personal number he uses to keep in touch with fellow Ethno-nationalists and is available below. We recommend people leave him a review.

He has also performed as a part of “Abstract Word” as listed below:

He has been more open with his details with BNP content on Youtube, where he’s mentioned as a BNP member: “BNP member Oliver Staines talks about anti Nationalist sentiment within the music industry.”

Oliver is also a Covid Hoaxer and admitted he intentionally takes no precautions with the students he teaches.

Oliver Staines’ van

Oliver is listed on multiple websites as a music teacher, it would be great for people to let the sites know they are hosting a Neo-Nazi.

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