Yorkshire Patriots: Stolen money, stolen valour, and no support inside the National Support Detachment 

Alek Yerbury, now on his way to being a household name here in the North after his appearance as the “Hull Hitler” made headlines has been a very busy boy since he left Patriotic Alternative in February of this year. The Adelaide-born 27 year old ex-soldier has been putting work in to form his “New EDL” with pseudo-paramilitary characteristics, with varying degrees of success. Of course, praising Hitler while trying to uphold the legacy of the British RAF is a surefire way to get your message across. Now based in Leeds, Yerbury has positioned the National Support Detachment (NSD) as a neo-nazi “United Front,” travelling around mainland Britain and taking photos with members of other PA splits like the Independent Nationalist Network and Highland Division. In his war against the “Marxist Agenda,” Yerbury has mainly ended up demonstrating outside of hotels and now military bases that are housing asylum seekers, whilst complaining that the local communities aren’t “nationally minded” enough to follow his neo-nazi lead. Quoting Yerbury himself on his own analysis of this “united front,” 

“Before the ideals can even make headway in unified approaches, two things have to be done: 

First, you must demonstrate that you can be trusted.

Second, you must demonstrate that you do not lie nor suffer to be lied to.” 

Strange then, that he’s chosen to work with the Yorkshire Patriots (YP) on his upcoming demonstration in Leeds. Not exactly a group known for being trustworthy, the YP have still not found out who it was that stole funds from a charity bucket that was destined for veterans. While this stolen money seems to be water under the bridge for the YP, this event nearly tore the group apart, playing out like a game of racist Cluedo as they all accused each other of cracking into the bucket as they moved between pubs. “Bucket gate,” as it came to be known among the Yorkshire Patriots, has all but been forgotten, but as this crowd has all but been absorbed by the NSD it does beg the question: how can the YP members within the NSD be considered trustworthy and honest when they can’t even keep track of a bucket of charity money?

Speaking of honesty, one particular member of the YP/NSD crossover deserves a spotlight. Neil Kipling of Scarborough was incredibly active during Bucketgate, shaming the rest of YP for not following the “strict military protocol” that he and his fellow “veterans live by.” Except, he isn’t a veteran at all, and he was kicked out of the YP as the main suspect of stealing the bucket. Known for parading around with an ever-changing selection of unawarded medals, Kipling’s presence in both the YP and NSD doesn’t exactly scream trustworthy, although we have received intel that he does bake a good cake. In keeping with the YP tradition, Kipling also stole a bunch of badges that were being sold to raise money for… veterans. Kipling’s career as a conman has not been without events, with many veteran support groups reporting on his bad behaviour. Beyond his capacity to steal money destined for his “brothers in arms,” there are many reports of him harassing young girls in his town of Scarborough (his house was allegedly painted “nonce” a couple years ago) as well as stealing a Christmas present from his 14 year old neighbour. He has also been publically shamed for bullying the mother of a soldier killed in action in Afghanistan. Of course, this is just one man within the wider crowd of Yerbury’s National Support Detachment, although his predatory and abusive behaviour is not uncommon among the group. However, if I were Yerbury, Kipling would not be my first choice of invite for a demo to promote how trustworthy we are: if you can’t be trusted with a charity bucket or a child’s christmas present, how does Yerbury trust him with the future of the white race?

To move onto a more trustworthy veteran, Simon Bean (he has an MBE, he must be trustworthy if he’s a member of the British Empire!) is speaking at Yerbury’s demo! Mr Bean has taken some time out of threatening to go all Just Stop Oil on the ports of Dover if war criminal Solider F is convicted of war crimes, and is now supporting the neo-nazi National Support Detachment! At first glance, Mr Bean seems like exactly what Yerbury would want, a military-trained Veteran ready to take on the state in defence of the nation. Except, Bean doesn’t seem to agree, according to what some of his so-called friends have told us. Yerbury isn’t too popular with Bean’s crowd, and was even kicked out of their private Whatsapp chat. When someone brought up that he was speaking on the 10th, away from Yerbury’s eyes of course, Mr Bean explained that while he is listed as a speaker, he doesn’t plan on following through on this, and has his own agenda for the day. What this actually means is yet to be seen, but what is clear is that all is not well in the National Support Detachment. 

Yerbury is determined to make his launch Leeds this Saturday a big one. He is drawing on neo-nazis from across the country including two cars from the Highland Division who have all been raided and will face terror charges each. There will be enough dodgy faces to bring counter-terror officers crashing through each attendees door. However, with the rally being primarily being organised by fake veterans, charity thieves and domestic abusers, I guess Alek is bringing his A-game for this one.

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