A White Supremacist is Running for Election in Greenwich

Nick Scanlon, centre, out flyering with BF leader Paul Golding (to his right) and Identity England Charlie Fox (far right)

In the London borough of Greenwich, specifically the ward of Kidbrooke with Hornfair, white supremacist Nicholas Scanlon is running for councillor in the upcoming local elections in May 2022.

You may recognise his name – he has previously featured in our article on the latest failed Generation Identity spinoff “Identity England” and in our Spotter sheet for British “Identitarians”.

This attempt to thumb his way into local politics is not Scanlon’s first time – he ran a miserable campaign in 2014 as a candidate for the BNP and finished in second to last place at 3% of the vote. This time, it appears he has selected neo-fascist Britain First as his ticket, joined by the leader of Britain First and serial wife beater Paul Golding in late February on a flyering event around the streets of Kidbrooke. Also present was Charlie Fox, the former leader of Generation Identity London and the current leader of the fledgling identitarian tribute act “Identity England”.

Nick Scanlon (centre) with Leader of Britain First Paul Golding (second from right) and Charlie Fox (Right) the former London leader of Generation Identity.

The Bargain-Bin Churchill that is Paul Golding and Britain First appear to have taken Scanlon firmly under his wing. The below photo shows the Britain First South East regional group, joined by Scanlon looking like someone’s awkward grandson at an 80th birthday. Recent decisions made within Britain First HQ, such as the Scanlon councillor campaign along with their recent attention-seeking “White Lives Matter” banner, suggests that even their thinly veiled “counter-jihadi” style fascism is becoming more openly ethnonationalist in nature.

Scanlon, born in 1992, has been skulking in the fringes of white supremacist movements for the best part of a decade. Aside from his short-lived aspirations in the BNP, Scanlon has been involved in UKIP, and was a prominent actor in Generation Identity UK and their their multiple spinoffs The Identitarian Movement and Identity England. The “Identitarian” movement primarily organises around the Neo-Nazi “great replacement” conspiracy also known as the Kalergi Plan – the idea that white Europeans are under ‘attack’ through migration. In the past, GI have identified with open Neo-Nazis and even been kicked from networks for being further to the extreme right than other Identitarians.

Scanlon himself was also in the South East group for the Neo-Nazi “Patriotic Alternative” led by ex BNP youth leader and alleged paedophile Mark Collett. You can see Nick join the group at the bottom of this screenshot of leaked internal chats from last year.

Although it is extremely unlikely that Scanlon will end up anywhere near the top of the polls in the local elections, it shouldn’t be forgotten about that this is an opportunity for fascists to spread their propaganda to hundreds of people with the aim to build networks in the area. It is important that local antifascists organise against him and Britain First to ensure that the residents of Kidbrooke know who he is – ideally he’s chased out the area never to return.

Scanlon (centre in a gilet) standing with “The identitarians” shortly after being kicked from the European Generation Identity Movement for affiliating with open Neo-Nazis.

Below is a short selection of Scanlon’s online activity detailing his homophobic, racist and Neo-Nazi beliefs.

Scanlon is clearly a fan of arch-racist Tory Enoch Powell
Scanlon (far right) holding a banner of White Supremacist Identity England.
Scanlon, far left, holding an Identity England banner saying “Being white is not a hate crime” with Charlie Fox (centre) and Sam Sibbons (far right, a For Britain activist who is also ex Generation Identity)
Scanlon voicing his explicit homophobia on twitter
Scanlon sharing the “14 words” – A Neo-Nazi slogan from an American white supremacist terrorist

If you have information on Nick Scanlon’s campaign and/or have received one of his leaflets feel free to anonymously email us at: arc-161@protonmail.com

Say No to Fascists in your neighbourhood.

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