Sunday 26 March: Gathering in London for those affected by undercover policing

Gathering for non-state core participants or in the Undercover Policing Inquiry or those affected by undercover policing who are not yet core participants  26th March 2017, 10-4pm at Millman St Community Centre, 50 Millman Street, London WC1N 3EW.  Tube: Russell Square

We are writing to you as you are a core participant in the Pitchford Undercover Policing inquiry or as someone affected by undercover policing but who is not yet a core participant. We would like to invite you to take part in a meeting on Sunday 26th of March, 2017. Lunch is provided. There is some money to be able to help subsidise travel costs for people on low incomes or traveling from afar so let us know in advance.

Aim of event

We are aware that people are finding it difficult to follow and engage with what is going on in the inquiry and how it affects you.
This day long meeting is an opportunity to:

  • Meet and network with other core participants
  • Improve our engagement with the UCPI to bring the issue of undercover policing into the wider public realm.
  • Get the latest up to date information,
  • Ask the questions that you need to but did not know where to find the answers
  • Deal with concerns and issues that individuals may be facing so we can better support each other.
  • Talk about the upcoming hearing on April 5th to understand what it is all about and to build momentum towards planned pickets / demos

We will send out a detailed agenda nearer the time, please let us know if you are planning to come. Please share this email with other core participants, or people affected by undercover policing who would like to be core participants in the Inquiry, as we do not yet have everyone’s contact details.

This meeting is being organised by a group of people who are CPs or part of campaign groups, and who are also involved in setting up a communications group for non-state core participants in the Inquiry (formerly called the D&C group).

If you would like further updates and to be kept informed of developments in the UCPI, subscribe to the biweekly email list below. It’s low traffic but full of useful information. If you are coming to the gathering on the 26th also get in touch so they have an idea of numbers.

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