Did you know Andy Coles when he spied on protest groups?

Whilst working undercover in the nineties as Andy "Van" Davey, Andy Coles repeatedly behaved inappropriately towards female activists he spied on.

The following message has been received by ARspycatcher:

A group of us who were directly targeted by Andy Coles when he infiltrated protest groups as Andy “Van” Davey are continuing to investigate him. To date we have spoken to a number of women who he sought to sleep with or otherwise acted inappropriately around, particularly given he was an undercover cop. However, we are aware there are at least two more women from the area of Camden, north London who we would really like to trace. Support is available, and we are happy to guarantee anonymity / confidence on this. If you are able to help, or are one of those women, please contact us via ARspycatcher@riseup.net

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