RTF 3 – Party June 11th

Springing out of RTS London the Reclaim The Future party promises to be a cracker. It’s on Saturday 11th June in London at a DIY space and runs from 8 in the evening to 8 on Sunday morning.

There’s something for everyone with live techno sets from Geezer and Edit, punk from PAIN and the Inner Terrestrials, reggae from Nomadix Roots, agit folk from Riot Folk from the USA and much more including special guests TBA. The main stage features your comperes Viz and 2000DS/Crowzone Gary. There’s also vegan cafe, Indymedia cinema, comedy, samba, drum and bass, more live music, world beats, more techno, more punk, more folk, more chillout, serious visuals galore, magicians, gabba, Recclaim the Streets artwork plus and a nervous breakdown.

There are 3 live stages including the cabaret ( later doubling as chillout ), drum and bass room, techno rooms, Indymedia cinema,vegan cafe, info stalls and clean toilets and running water. OK this may not be the whole line-up but here goes :-

Edit ( live techno )
Geezer ( Live techno )
DJ Zebedee
Debs Elemental
Inner Terrestrials
Naked Ruby
Sondrine ( Mal faiteurs )
Rhythms of Resistance samba band
Pok ( mandolin tunes )
Riot Folk ( US folk collective with sets from Evan Greer, Ryan Harvey, Mark Gunnery, and Christa Daring )
Electricity Comes From other Planets
Jah Free
Nomadix Roots
Pink Pork Chops
Squall Jim
Geraldine ( Reclaim The Streets )
12 Volt Vandals ( low fi folk punk )
Ian Saville – Socialist Magician
Lower Depths ( kick-ass 3 piece )
Tofu Silverpants
Dead Cops Now Drum and Bass
Debs Elemental
Serum Sound system
Siren Sound system
DJ Seed
various VJs

plus more…..

On the day call 02076445155 or 07951868252.

Reviews and more info can be found on the Reclaim The Streets London website http://rts.gn.apc.org

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