Nottingham Squatting Project

Nottingham Indymedia launches with feature on a community squatting project, a feature on squatting and also a straw bale eco-building project on allottments near the city centre ( St Annes ). They must certainly be busy up there.

“A building empty for many years has been occupied. The neighbours constantly fed up with the council inaction, a mess in the garden, drug abusers round the back of the property, windows smashed. Not something you would like to live next door to. Thus, the group has much community support, and now they’re secure in their new home, there is much tidying up to do and this has already begun.”

Link to the articles by Tash on Nottingham Indymedia

Community Squatting Project

Feature on squatting

Feature On Eco Housing – Straw Bale project

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