Okupational Hazard Squat Fest

The fourth Okupational Hazard Squat Fest is on Saturday October 22nd 2005
It’s from 9pm sharp and features bands, cafe, cinema, stalls etc. etc.

All the details are below – make sure you check back regularly as we have more bands confirmed and will be adding more details shortly. Visit their website.

Location :- ( London area ) Call 07908 116440 or 07961 651 791 after 8pm on the night or check back here!

Whats On:-

LIVE MUSIC FROM: Inner Terrestrials, Dread Messiah, P.A.I.N. , Restarts, Flatpig, Short Bus Window Lickers, Dirty Love, Headjam, Cupid Stunt, Subsource, Dead Silence, Fil Planet, United Vibration, Babar Luck, Carpet Face, Zora Jakal

SOUND SYSTEMS: Siren, Reknaw, Braincell, Rich Kidz

FUNKY STUFF: Cabaret ( inc. 12 Volt Vandals ) Fire Show Light Show by B.I.T.S. Art Cafe Cinema and Stalls ( including Advisory Service For Squatters celebrating their 30th birthday. ).

Wey hey – the only place to be on the night which coincidentally is after a certain Anarchist Bookfair….

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