Vortex Social Centre:- events & eviction attempts


Vortex Social Centre:- events and eviction attempts

RThe vortex is an occupied space in Stoke Newington, london.

Property owner of 139-141 Church street Richard Midda was granted a possession order by Shoreditch county court on wednesday 24th Jan. The next stage legally is for the courts to issue a bailiffs warrant to court appointed bailiffs who will carry out the eviction on a pre-arranged date. This date we should know about in advance. Only court appointed bailiffs have the right to carry out an eviction.

Immediately after the court hearing on wednesday Midda, along with his own hired private bailiffs came round to the social centre (where the parent/baby group were meeting) threatening people while demanding he now had the right to the building any everyone must leave. He, nor his hired goons, had a legal right to repossess the building.
On thursday morning he stuck a notice on the door saying his private bailiffs company (used primarily to harass tenants for rent) will be returning at 9am on friday morning to ensure we vacate the premises. He has no legal right to do this.So they attempted an eviction again on friday morning where they were met by a crowd of 100 people to stop them.

Midda wishes to demolish the building to make way for a Starbucks!! This multnational has previously admitted that it’s core business is property specualtion. that’s what ‘gentrification’is about.
Events still planned for the centre.

Thursday 25th january
7:30 pm
No to Starbucks in Stokey – Anti Starbucks campaign meeting to ensure that social centre isn’t demolished for Starbucks. All welcome.

Friday 26th
7 pm
Cafe and cinema night. Hot food and anti-copyright cinema. Donations.

Saturday 27th
Live Jazz from First Amendment and others, plus support. Donations on the door,
proceeds going to social centre.

Sunday 28th
12 ? 4pm
Free Shop ? bring along things that you don’t want and take away things that you

Sunday 28th
Cafe, Spoken word and live music. Calling all poets…

Monday 29th
Demand the Impossible ? slide show

Tuesday 30th
Cafe and cinema night. Hot food and anti-copyright cinema. Donations.

Wednesday 31st
10am ? 12 pm
Babies@Play ? new parent/baby group. Come along for tea/coffee chat and playtime for babies. Bring your toys and ideas to share. Every Wednesday. Free.

Wednesday 31st
Social centre general meeting. Come and get involved in the running of the centre, propose new initiatives and campaigns.

Thursday 1st February
Meeting to discuss using space for exhibitions and artwork.

Friday 2nd
7 pm
Cafe and cinema night. Hot food and anti-copyright cinema. Donations.

Saturday 3rd
Benefit night for No Borders. All welcome.

Sunday 4th
Family art and activity day. Bring craft things to share with all.

Photographic Exhibitions
London Social Centres in Pictures
Photograph exhibition of the last five years of London Social Centres and a
brief background to each one.

Small collection of photographs from acclaimed photographer Guy Smallman covering major demonstrations across Europe over recent years.

We hope to open the social centre daily from midday onwards for coffee, tea,
soft drinks, cake and biscuits. Volunteers are always needed to help out. If
you are interested pop in and speak to someone. Alternatively come to the
meetings on Wednesday. See you there.

Look out for new dates on the board outside the door.