Cops raid Rasta temple, UK

The last building in St Agnes place, the squatted street in South London targetted by Lambeth councillors ( inc disgraced Keith Fitchett ) for development using the social housing bullshit to evict poeple who were socially housed through DIY culture.

London – British police raided what they described as a Rastafarian temple in
south London on Thursday and arrested 23 people in an “anti-drugs and firearms

The Metropolitan police said the premises, which included a Rastafarian
temple once visited by reggae musician Bob Marley, are suspected of being used
for “high level” criminality- but then they would wouldn’t they:When they are not busy murdering black people and Brazillians they are hassling people who use cannabis despite the fact that mlore violent crime is committed by people high ( or low should thaat be )on alcohol.

“This operation is a joint initiative by police and the local authority aimed
at protecting the communities in south London from serious criminality,” a
statement from Plod said.

The Rastafarian community has lived at St Agnes place since the
early 1970s. 

Police said Thursday’s operation was on-going and provided no further