National Day Of Action in Holland Fighting Anti-Squatting

Legislation (timeline)

Squatting groups across the Netherlands are up in arms about newly proposed anti-squatting legislation. The ‘ban on squatting’ would make an end to the country’s long and rich tradition of the creation of free spaces. This is the english version of the timeline of the actions today (Saturday 15th December).

Eviction in Amsterdam, October 2007
Eviction in Amsterdam, October 2007

The Dutch government has been discussing a ban squatting since 2003, but have failed at various times. Read previous article on

Now proposed for the 3rd time, squatters across the country are taking action today to avert the proposals. Many squats have opened their doors to the public and give guided tours for those curious neighbours.

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English Updates:

14.02 Deventer – An alternative ‘Dickens day’ has been organised in response to the ‘Dickens day’ taking place in the city. A group of dressed up children with horses have arrived at the squatted Q8 terrain. Guided tours are taking place and there is a small exhibition on the squatting history of the city is on display.

12.25 Haarlem – Last night various banners were dropped from squats in Haarlem. The guided tours have started and the press is persent also.

11.57 Zwolle – At 9.30 this morning a group of people have occupied the water tower on the ‘Turfmarkt’. The police came to check out the situation, but everything is calm. A banner was dropped saying: “stop the squatting-ban”.

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