Brighton Fundraiser:Squatters attacked by cops


Squatters fought off police as they used ?military siege tactics? to surround a squatted fund-raising
gig in Brighton last weekend. The benefit was for the forthcoming Brighton Temporary Autonomous Art (TAA) space.

The old Sainsbury?s on London Rd (empty for over a year) was squatted as avenue for live bands and a sound-system. Police arrived in numbers just after midnight. One party-goer told Schnews, ?There were a 150 people inside the building but another 200 were kept outside by police lines, which was stupid as they managed to create a public order situation. They deployed vans, dog units and special ops units, and taped the area off, working side by side with private security.

?The Chief Super in charge actually admitted that we were in legal occupation – but that
didn?t stop them trying to shut the party down. We opened another entrance to allow people in
and the police attacked with pepper spray and dogs. One 16-year-old girl was badly mauled by
a police dog and had to go to hospital with nasty puncture wounds.?

Police then tried to storm the original entrance but were held off by hand-to-hand fighting
? and they lost some of their equipment to the protesters. They didn?t manage to gain entry and
so Police served a Section 63 of the CJA 1994. Eventually people had living vehicles and equipment
seized, and fi ve arrests were made.

Brighton TAA: ?We want the people of Brighton to come together to create a cultural, interactive
autonomous space where people are free to be, free to create and free to express themselves.?
2-5th April 2008 ? venue TBA (of course) http://