Offmarket: evicted space, project still alive!

Report from the London Indymedia website:

After a bit more than 3 full on months of activity, the Offmarket squatted social centre on 121 Lower Clapton road was evicted by Bailiffs, police and owners on Thursday 7th July 2011. Read report and see pics … For full  report picrtures, more info and links 


Here’s their report:

” The second Offmarket space was opened last April. We had a visit from the owners only 12 hours after moving in. Our first contact was pretty horrible, as all the other times we had to deal with them, ranging from “you scum of the earth” to “you should all be gassed to death”… lovely innit?

Still, in the few months we got out of the space we managed to do some amazing things. Tons of workshops and regular activities, resources that allowed dozens of people to start their own squats, a hugely successful freeshop that ended up being run mostly by locals…

The court case started early and after few postponings, the owners finally got their possession order and they decided to enforce it last thursday. Some of the bailiffs heavies managed to get inside the space early on in the morning but got kicked out. Some more arrived and they finally managed to break it after some efforts. Few people came to support, which was nice given the short notice. WellFurnished crew was very supportive and helpful as well, thanks for the solidarity!

The Offmarket collective will very probably take a well deserved break but will be back soon for a new space! check this space

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