WellFurnished Open Days Hackney

With OffMarket evicted last week, the crew at WellFurnished are stepping up to offer their space out to the community at large and all those involved with OffMarket before.

Situated on the corners of Valentine and Terrace Road, opposite a monstrous Tesco’s and a market struggling to compete, WellFurnished has been open for two months and features a regular programme of events, including poledancing classes (we actually have enough poles for this to happen!), poetry readings and woodwork classes. So far, we’ve thrown a People’s Banquet for over 50 locals all done with skipped food, and held a number of solidarity nights for overseas social centres.

 Our open days are Wednesday and Saturday from 1 till 7pm – with the drop-in session for new projects and ideas on Wednesday. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to drop in as it is a MASSIVE space and suited to lots of things happening at once – on any given day, we might have yoga, juggling, poledancing, poetry and some kind of discussion all happening at once, with no overlap due to the huge size of space!

The cronies of Babylon are closing in tho, don’t miss out and join us this Sunday for SQUATTASTIC 7 – and help us resist the illegalisation of squatting and homelessness! Its a networking thing … bring cake!

And on Friday we have acoustic international stylings from Brazil and more chance to chill with elderflower champagne – homemade of course! 

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