Our latest enquiry to Central London County Court

Dear Mr XXXX

Re: Spiritualist National Union v Persons Unknown

Thank you for your letter of the 22nd July.

Since April we have been trying to find out from the court what happened with this case, which has clearly been at least irregular. We have had to make complaints to get any kind of response and the matter is still not clear.

Now you are demanding a “notice of change” giving a solicitor’s details for us to receive any further information. Can you please let us know what law or rule states that only a solicitor can investigate a court not following its own rules and procedures.

You state that a full order was made on the same day as the interim order. This means that your court issued the interim order when it had already ceased to be valid, while it did not issue the full order which would have clarified the situation. The interim order includes criminal sanctions and the actions of your court put people under threat of arrest for an offence which they would not have been committing.

You also state that a certificate of judgement was issued by a different court. Could you please explain how this is allowed under rules which state that application should be made to the court (i.e. the County Court where the judgement was made) for transfer to the High Court. It is clearly the duty of the County Court to give notice to the defendants that this has happened, which did not take place.

I hope that someone in your court can explain these numerous legal anomalies.

Yours faithfully




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