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New Random Artists Show

“[T]emporary [A]utonomous [A]rt featuring The Plot Thickens” is an art show in an (as yet) undisclosed reclaimed space in London – Details of the secret gallery will be revealed closer to the time. The (weekend) show runs from the 2nd to the 4th of September.

Following their history of utilising under-used spaces to celebrate art, Random Artists will once again reclaim wasted space to create a open access community gallery as part of this years Walthamstow Festival arts trail. They are interested in all forms of work from new and local artist as well as previously exhibited artists.

The show will also feature documentation and artwork from “The Plot Thickens” returning from a European tour in Berlin and Prague. “The Plot Thickens” is an ongoing exhibition of sound installations, paintings, photographs and sculptures by Hekate, Pitchless and Random Artists inspired by the story; The Reset Button.

The Plot Thickens shown again over 14th-17th September in the Bristol area. If you are interested in exhibiting work or would like to know more check out www.randomartists.org.

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