Below are some videos gathered from various sources on the internet for you to have a look at the issues surrounding hunting and what sabs are doing to prevent it. Please get in touch with any questions.


The first is a look at how Hunt Saboteurs stop foxhunting out in the fields. The video is a little dated but all techniques are used to this day:

The video is lifted from a Dutch documentary about animal abuse and follows Bristol Hunt Sabs and friends on a days sabbing. (The sabbing part is at 24 minutes in).

The next video shows Bristol Hunt Sabs (and friends!) in action last season.

This video shows Bristol Hunt Sabs and others in action at the Tedworth hunt last season.

Another video of Bristol Hunt Sabs taking the hounds at the Tedworth.

Next is a recent video where a fox was literally snatched away from a pack of hounds belonging to The Old Berks Hunt.

Hunts will have people believe that when they do kill, it is done as quickly and effective as possible. This recent video proves this to be an utter lie. This is not easy viewing by any means…Meet The Ledbury Hunt.

A video of saboteurs in the cull zones in the run up to the 2013 badger cull.

Badger killers contronted and forced to move off during the cull.

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