The Tedworth Hunt get an overdue visit.








Teaming up with Bath Hunt Saboteurs we acted on a tip-off (thanks, you know who) and headed for an overdue visit to The Tedworth Hunt.

We turned up at the meet to be greeted by a lot of surprised riders and hunt staff. The hunt were clearly thrown into disarray by our presence and the new huntsman shot off from the meet leaving the riders far behind!

Heading for a large covert with us following on foot, the hunt tried to shake us off but we weren’t far behind. The hounds were occasionally heard but failed to get onto the scent of a fox for the whole duration they were in the wood. The terriermen we came across looked bored as hell and it wasn’t long before our other sabs were informing us that the hunt were leaving the wood and heading home.

Not much action, but that’s mighty fine by us and our fox friends!

Berkeley Hunt revisited


We started the day outside the Berkeley Hunt kennels on the off chance that they might actually leave to go hunting with us present. We were quickly clocked by hunt staff who were straight on their phones. So we waited, received some words of support from some local joggers and some pissed off glares from passing hunt followers. And we waited some more. A few horses left the kennels on a hack, no hunting gear in sight and no sign of hounds leaving. So we took a drive to look around a few likely meets, all appeared quiet.

With no sign of movement any time soon at the Berkeley and word that a Three Counties sab had been assaulted and a camera smashed by supporters of the Cotswold Vale Farmers’ Hunt, our next move seemed obvious.

After an unnecessary hold up (no thanks to the boys in blue) and a bit of a search around the Deerhurst area, we came across hounds, huntsman and mounted support coming down the road in front of us. As the hunt took off across country, foot sabs finally got an opportunity to stretch their legs and went off in pursuit. It soon became clear that the hunt were heading straight back to their meet, so we watched the hounds get boxed up and the hound van leave before departing ourselves.

With the main hunting season starting in a matter of weeks, now is the time to contact your local group. Whether it is to get involved in the field, to pass on info about hunts in your area or to help fundraise, we all have a part to play in the defence of hunted wildlife.

Charlie Fox waves goodbye to the CVFH hound van








After last week’s blatant illegal hunting we thought we would return to the Ross Harriers Hunt today. We headed to Orcop, Herefordshire, where we found a number of horse boxes and support arriving. No sign of the hound van or the huntsman for a while with some of the riders off around country lanes with us in tow. A poor attempt to throw us off them perhaps?

The huntsman and hounds arrived a little while later and joined the small field just before 9am, a fair bit later than previous weeks.

Hounds were soon put in to draw a maize field in an attempt to put up a fox, so sabs used horn and voice calls to bring most of the pack out to us! The whipper-in and supporters then spent some time trying to gather the hounds up before the huntsman again moved off.

Sabs stuck with the hunt as they rode up and down a few more lanes, probably in an attempt to put some distance between them and us, again to no avail.

Hounds were entered into a wood shortly afterwards, quickly picking up a scent and going into cry. The huntsman could be heard encouraging the hounds on before taking off to follow them. Sabs tried their best to rate hounds, splitting the pack somewhat, but they were now heading away from us in cry on the other side of the wood.

At this point the field were getting more agitated and it wasn’t long before supporters started attacking sabs, often a sure sign that the hunt are up to no good and are wanting to keep us away. Sabs were shoved around with hunt riders charging at sabs, using their horses as weapons against us. Video evidence we obtained during the attack is astonishing.

While this was happening vehicle sabs saw a fox, looking disorientated, being closely pursued by a handful of hounds. When we next got eyes on them the huntsman was on foot with support gathering up the hounds. With this members of the hunt were heading back to their horse boxes to pack up. Unfortunately we do not know the fate of this fox but we can only presume the worst.

When will these hunts learn? The more they blatantly hunt wildlife and push sabs about, the more attention they will get from us and the more determined we become to stopping them and their barbaric acts. Ross Harriers Hunt, consider yourselves firmly on our radar.


Our group (along with Bath Hunt Sabs) visited the Ross Harriers Hunt today, who met at Trelasdee Farm near St. Weonards in Herefordshire.

Their new huntsman, Owain Fisher (previously of the Carmarthenshire Hunt), obviously hasn’t learnt his lessons from previous RH huntsmen and was insistent on blatent illegal hunting in front of sabs, drawing field after field to put up and chase hares with hounds going into cry a number of times.

Sabs were in the right place at the right time for one fox who slipped right past us, fleeing from a maize field which the hunt and hounds were working through. As hounds started to speak, sabs sprayed citronella along the line that the fox had taken and readied ourselves to stop the pack if needed. The huntsman very quickly arrived at the edge of the field and upon sighting us gathered up the hounds and moved off in the opposite direction. Tidy!

We also bumped into the infamous fox cub killers of the South Herefordshire Hunt, who were out on hound exercise. If this hunt think they can operate normally after what they have gotten up to then they seriously need to think again!

We’ll be seeing ya..


cotswold vale sabbed…again.









Bristol sabs were up in the early hours, filling out two vehicles with sabs and headed to Gloucestershire to sab the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt. Following a tip-off from concerned locals, we found the hunt meeting at 7am.

Clearly upset about being found, the hunt took off and ditched a few attempts at holding up coverts in order to lose us. This was never going to last long as we had vehicles patrolling country lanes and a drone in the sky looking for the hunt.

They were soon found and we stuck to them like glue meaning any attempt at hunting went straight out the window. The hunt were clearly stuck for options considering we had almost as many sabs as they did riders.

Frustration was clearly kicking in for the hunt who called the police to deal with us by making a false claim of an altercation. We asked if they wanted to join us monitoring illegal activity and of course, they took off.

The sour-faced hunt rode back to the kennels at 10am having had a shit morning with no chance of killing wildlife. Hope you all like the pic of us celebrating the hounds being packed up.



We paid a visit to The Berkeley Hunt this morning with our friends fromBath Hunt Saboteurs but the hunt chose to exercise their hounds instead of going hunting. Because of us? Who knows. Maybe they’ll try and sneak out in the afternoons like last year to avoid us but we’ll be waiting.

Happy that any foxes in the Berkeley area were safe, we shot off to sab the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt who already had sabs from Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs watching over them. We split into two groups and soon enough we found the hunt going about their dirty business.

We jumped straight into action and took control of the hounds rendering the hunt useless. The huntsman could be heard saying “Oh, for fucks sake, that’s it” as we crushed any attempt of them hunting.

Eagle-eyed sabs watched a fox flee to safety and the miserable looking bunch of hunters (including guests from the fox cub killers at The South Herefordshire Hunt) packed up and headed home. A job well done!










The Berkeley Hunt tried to sneak out of their kennels this morning at 6.30am but had Bristol & Bath Hunt Saboteurs on their tails.

The Berkeley, just like every other hunt in the country were out cub hunting. This barbaric practice involves surrounding woods known to home young foxes and sending in a mixture of young and old hounds to kill them. Riders on the outside of the wood slap their saddles to scare any fleeing foxes back toward the hounds.

Unfortunately for The Berkeley, we know their area well and were able to monitor the hunt from the off. Sabs kept the hunt away from their much-loved coverts and sent the hunt into disarray by distracting the hounds. We watched the hunt take their hounds straight through a deer park, scaring the deer senseless.

We’ll be seeing The Berkeley again…

Arrests at the South Herefordshire Hunt











Secret footage1 has been released which appears to show live fox cubs being delivered to the kennels of the South Herefordshire Hunt before being thrown to the pack of fox hounds. The lifeless body of a cub is then seen to be dumped into a wheelie bin, before another is taken to meet the same fate.

Independent group, the Hunt Investigation Team, supported by the League Against Cruel Sports, filmed the horrific scenes, and say the footage is damning evidence of the reality of fox hunting and is not an isolated incident. The footage has been released as part of a major ongoing League investigation into ‘cubbing’2, the secretive illegal practice of training young inexperienced hounds to hunt and kill fox cubs.

League intelligence reveals that fox cubs not killed during these hunts are sometimes captured and kept to be used as live training bait for the hounds, like in this horrifying case, or taken to artificial earths3 to provide a ready supply of foxes for the hounds to hunt in the coming season.

The footage taken at the South Herefordshire Hunt kennels follows an earlier League investigation, which led to the rescue of a fox being held by the Belvoir Hunt and the subsequent brutal alleged assault by Belvoir Hunt supporters on two of the charity’s undercover investigators in retaliation, leaving one with a broken neck.

League Against Cruel Sports CEO Eduardo Goncalves, said:

“This is the ugly and vicious truth behind the glossy image portrayed by hunts. What we believe this footage clearly shows is that cubs have been ripped away from their families, kept captive and then callously thrown alive to the hounds to rip apart. The horror and the suffering these cubs must have gone through is almost unbearable to think about.

“Hunts want us to believe that fox hunting is a sport but I can’t start to get my head round how this is sporting. What they are doing here is training the dogs to kill foxes, as simple as that and unfortunately this is not an isolated incident as this barbaric practice is happening across the country. The hounds won’t naturally kill foxes so they must be taught to do so and this footage exposes the gruesome training secrets of hunts in the UK.

“We know this happens every year during the ‘cubbing season’, when young foxes are surrounded by the hunt and the dogs sent in to kill them,  but to catch this despicable activity on camera at a hunt kennel is almost impossible.

“With this evidence in front of them, we hope those administering the law, and the people of the UK, accept once and for all that there is no justification for the cruelty that seeps through every aspect of fox hunting.”

Two people from Hereford and a further individual from Abergavenny have been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty in connection with the incident shown in the the South Herefordshire Hunt kennels. All three individuals have been released on police bail.

Portia Landry from The Hunt Investigation Team said:

“The Hunt Investigation Team, acting on intelligence, placed sophisticated surveillance equipment around The South Herefordshire Hunt kennels. Once concluded, the evidence was given to West Mercia Police. Investigators also removed the bodies of two fox cubs from the site and handed these to the RSPCA to conduct post mortems.

“The Hunt Investigation Team does not consider this to be an isolated incident and are monitoring other hunts.”

The incident at the South Herefordshire Hunt kennels is not the only time hunts have been caught capturing foxes for their own ‘use’:

  • In May 2015 a League Against Cruel Sports investigation led to the discovery and rescue of 16 fox cubs in a barn, on land linked to the Middleton Foxhounds Hunt. The League believes these fox cubs were kidnapped as a ready supply of animals to be chased by the hunt (investigation footage here).
  • In December 2015 the League carried out an undercover investigation which resulted in the discovery and rescue of a fox the League believes was being held to be hunted by the Belvoir Hunt (Investigation footage here).
  • In March 2016 two League investigators were seriously assaulted and robbed of their camera while monitoring the Belvoir Hunt. The alleged assault is thought to have been in retaliation for one of the same investigators (Darryl Cunnington) discovery and subsequent release of a fox being kept in a shed on land hunted by the Belvoir Hunt (press release).
  • In addition, intelligence reports received by League Against Cruel Sports’ investigators implicated more than 20 hunts in capturing foxes to be hunted during 2014 and 2015.

Eduardo Goncalves added:

“Once again we see evidence which destroys the deliberate deception of hunting as a means of fox control. Fox hunts hunt foxes because they like hunting foxes, not for any other reason. As we have seen time and time again, they will capture foxes,  release them on hunt days just to make sure hunters get their gruesome chase, or as we believe this footage shows, throw them to the hounds as bait. There’s nothing sporting, nothing natural and nothing remotely honourable about this so-called tradition. It’s grimy, it’s cruel, it’s going to be offensive to most right-minded people, and we need the police and courts to punish all those involved.”

Help expose cases like this and keep hunt cruelty history by donating today


Notes to Editors


1 The footage is available to view here:

The footage shows:

–       The huntsman removing a fox cub from a cage in a trailer
–       A live cub is taken towards the kennels
–       The huntsman enters the kennel block with the cub
–       The hounds are heard baying
–       The huntsman can be heard vocally encouraging the hounds to kill
–       The huntsman dumps the lifeless fox cub in a bin
–       A second fox cub is taken into the kennel block

  1. ‘Cubbing’, cub hunting or as it is also known ‘Autumn hunting’ is the training of young foxhounds to follow the older hounds, obey the horn and calls of the huntsman, to familiarise themselves with the scent of the fox and to give them the taste of fox blood.
  2. Artificial earths are structures built and maintained by hunts to provide shelter and breeding places for foxes. Their sole purpose is to ensure a good supply of foxes ready for the hunting season which starts around November.
  3. Please contact the League’s Press Office on 01483 524250 (24hrs) or email for any image or comment requests
  4. League Against Cruel Sports is a registered charity in England and Wales (no.1095234) and Scotland (SC045533) that brings together people who care about animals. Like the majority of the public, we believe that cruelty to animals in the name of sport has no place in modern society. Find out more about our work at

Police investigate more Cheldon Buckhounds violence










Another violent day with The Cheldon Buckhounds who were out hunting deer having met at the Poltimore Arms in South Molton.

We were straight into action arriving just as the hunt had left their meet. Hearing hounds in cry we were soon catching up with the hunt who upon realising they had company, took off at a pace.

Whilst the huntsman gathered up the scattered hounds we gained some friends in the form of a masked up gang of thugs hell bent on stopping us do any sabbing. Some were drunk (and later driving – all filmed), others tried attacking our tyres, spraying us with chemicals and following us wherever we went. It’s worth pointing out that even though the thugs were wearing balaclavas, we knew instantly it was the same mob that attacked us only two weeks ago.

As we caught up with the hunt again, hounds were in full cry. As we approached, more masked up thugs arrived and soon they were attacking sabs. We did our best to get our sabs out despite being attacked. We were mugged of a video camera and followed out of the area. More thugs were arriving in balaclavas as we tried to leave.

Two sabs are currently in hospital. One suspected fractured skull and fractured eye socket and another is having X-rays for head and rib injuries.

Our video evidence speaks for itself. The police are now investigating.