Help Bristol Sabs get back on the road


Bristol Hunt Sabs were recently involved in a serious road incident which left our vehicle completely destroyed and our sabs lucky to be walking away.

Our vehicle has been the backbone of our group for many years, and is the sole reason we can make it out into the countryside week after week to oppose illegal hunting.

The support from the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) has been second to none and they have been kind enough to give us a donation but for us to buy a vehicle secure and safe enough for our sabs to get back on the road, we are asking for help.

Anything you can give to our appeal will help us.

For all hunted wildlife.

Bristol Hunt Saboteurs.



rac beagles massive #fail











Joining up with the usual bunch from South Wales, Southampton & Bath, we set off to find today’s hunt of choice, the Royal Agricultural College Beagles. Their meet was at Morgan’s Tynings, between Tetbury & Cirencester, and they left with us in tow just after 11.

The last time we visited this hunt (a little over a year ago) we were treated to some loutish behaviour from drunk supporters and students of the Royal Agricultural University, which the hare hunt is attached to. They smashed the window of a sab land rover and threw a dead rabbit at us, which was subsequently picked up by the press, prompting the University to launch an investigation.

We saw signs that similar could happen again today, with a few clearly drunk supporters turning up and some who arrived driving at sabs in their vehicles early on, but nothing beyond that as we were determined to keep on the hunt despite these attempts at intimidation, oh and the poor weather!

We stuck close to the hunt and hounds on foot as they walked around and around country lanes for close to 3 hours, fine by us as they weren’t in the fields chasing and killing wildlife! They were followed until they were putting the beagles back in the hound van, leaving the area around 3pm. Job done!

curre and llangibby on the run

A visit to the Curre & Llangibby hunt has been overdue so on Saturday we met up with sabs from Bath, South Wales and Southampton to remind them we’re never far away.

Last time this hunt was sabbed, the huntsman was masked up and they even accused us of killing twenty of their hounds to cover up their blatant illegal hunting next to a main road.

Today was a different story, as soon as the hunt clapped eyes on three vehicles full of sabs, they took off deep into forestry commission land (of which they are not allowed on) to lose us. We did well to keep eyes on them and whenever we got close, they would bolt away from us.

At one point we were watching the huntsman off his horse, walking the hounds through a kale field whilst the terriermen were off their quads at the back of the field. As we got closer, they took off again. We soon found they were next to a badger sett so it was more than likely that a fox had just taken cover there.

Whilst our group patrolled the area after the hunt, South Wales sabs were at work confronting and packing up a lone shooter out to kill foxes. We will raise a glass to their sterling efforts tonight.

The Curre were packing up not long after and we were off home. We will be visiting this hunt again soon…










Please join us in giving a massive “LOL” to the Leadon Vale Basset Hounds, who didn’t manage to go out killing hares today as their van had conked out at their meet.

We rocked up with friends from South Wales Hunt Saboteurs and Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs to find hunt staff with their heads under the bonnet trying to get back on the road. Sadly for them, luck was on the side of the hares they would’ve been hunting, and the van failed to move an inch.

We waited, feet up in our vehicles, watching the tiny bit of support they had head home. Soon after, jump leads were out, and they were finally on the road… back to the kennels.

The elusive hare killers were found and will be found again. Be seeing you soon…


a long day with no kills for two hunts.









What a day! We visited The Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt this morning and upon finding them and clearly taking them by surprise we stuck to them and ended up walking them home. Visibility was poor and we hear they had a dismal time before we showed up to usher them back to box up.

Whilst we were with the CVFH we also had sabs watching the prestigious Berkeley Hunt who are clearly spooked by having sab attention. They have not hunted on a Saturday morning all season and we’ve been there to make sure of that. Today though we stayed in the area and trusting a hunch found them leaving the kennels late afternoon to go hunting.

The hunt were small in numbers (last year they had over 50 riders for cub hunting, this season around 10). They didn’t move very far and we had them in our sights the entire time. We thought we’d make our presence known by taking the hounds off the huntsman who had terrible control of the pack.

The dejected faces of the riders at the end of the day was enough for us. No kills. Happy sabs.

A Lush weekend & benefit gig

The staff at Lush BRISTOL are absolute diamonds. We were kindly invited into their store all weekend whilst they raised money for us. They even took the time to dress up as foxes for the weekend!

We got to speak to customers about sabbing whilst the staff fund-raised their hearts out. We spoke to to a good number of people interested in joining us in the countryside and it was heartwarming to have so many people come in and say hello such as the wonderful badger cull activists. Not one negative comment over the whole weekend. The public agree: hunting is bloody barbaric.

We also had a benefit gig for held for us on Saturday night which was packed to the rafters! Thanks to the venue/staff, the promoter, the bands (who were all excellent!) and of course everyone who came along! We sold out of merch and gave away a massive amount of leaflets and stickers.

We raised over £900 which will all go directly to helping us get out in the fields and save hunted wildlife! To say we are a happy bunch is an understatement. THANK YOU ALL!

the cvfh cracking under pressure


You have to feel a bit sorry for The Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt who had to pay for security from Yorkshire to deal with 11 foot sabs today.

From the off sabs were rating hounds and a fox was spotted escaping in front of our vehicles getting away to safety.

The idiots tried blocking us in a lane and attacking us (all filmed) but were soon made to disperse by 4 cop cars arriving.

Foot sabs stayed with the hunt in the field accompanied by the bumbling idiots and kept the hunt close in sight. The huntsman couldn’t handle having sab company and took off with the hounds every time we were spotted.. Despite the torrent of abuse we received, there wasn’t much hunting occurring on our watch. Great stuff.

With no local support lining the country lanes, the CVFH were a complete shambles from start to finish.

We had a lovely end of season pint with our friends from Ireland (oi, oi!) and Southampton then headed home.

overdue visit to the south herefordshire hunt

cv14 Today we joined up with a number of other groups from around the area to pay a visit to the South Herefordshire Hunt, who met at the Black Swan in Much Dewchurch.

After leaving the meet (their last of the season we believe) they headed in the direction of the Mynde, disappearing into the Mynde Wood where they stayed for most of the day. This was quite difficult for us, with minimal vehicular access and a large wooded, hilly area for the hunt to hide themselves in and run around. Despite this we did our best to keep on them and our pressence definitely meant that the huntsman spent a lot of time running around the place and not staying where he wanted to hunt. At one point our sabs saw a small fox fleeing in a field next to where the huntsman and hounds were. We sprayed the area with citronella and despite the huntsman taking the hounds up the same line as the fox, they failed to pick up on its scent. We pushed the hunt on and soon after sabs came across hounds in cry in Penstone Wood. Sabs from another group were on hand to make sure the fox that they were persuing got away, by calling hounds away with some voice calls. This signalled the end of the hunting day for the South Hereford, with the huntsman gathering up his hounds and trotting off with us in tow. We were pleased to see that they were heading back to their kennels in Wormelow to pack up at around half 4, but not before riding (with full pack of hounds) through a field full of distressed ewes and their lambs along the way. You would think that the huntsman would have taken a different route, considering only last season this pack attacked a flock of sheep. Yet more innocent victims of this vile ‘sport’. It wouldn’t be the end of the season without some stupid, childish behaviour from hunt supporters. A group of masked-up idiots made themselves known by driving around and attempting to shout ‘insults’ before one of them punched a female sab in the face and they all scarpered. The sab went to A&E and the police were informed. Pretty typical behaviour from this bunch but nothing that’s going to deter us. A long overdue visit to the South Herefordshire from us. We’ll make sure we don’t leave it so long next time

The CVFH. Sabbed.

A great day sabbing at the Cotswold Vale Farmers’ Hunt today, who were attempting to hunt around Sandhurst, just north of Gloucester. We teamed up with pals from Three Counties Hunt Sabs, Southampton & South Wales with our forces split over four vehicles.

Upon leaving the meet the hunt were soon on to a fox, with sabs already present jumping into action and splitting the pack with horn calls. We quickly arrived and our foot sabs were straight into the field in pursuit, forcing them to move off and setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Great deployment of our vehicles meant that they then stuck to hunting a small area next to the River Severn, with various groups of sabs having eyes on them and us popping out in front of them when they least expected it. Hounds went into cry shortly after as we were following them up a track but our presence meant that the huntsman had no choice but to call them off and take the pack away from the area the fox was seen fleeing.

After more riding, stopping in farm yards (no doubt to try and formulate a plan) and about turns, the hunt headed back to the meet at around 2.30. Around half of the visibly pissed off field decided to call it a day and the huntsman, hounds and very few of the die-hards left the meet to try and get at least a bit of hunting done. But alas, we were there to make sure that it wasn’t to be!

With most foot sabs now in one group we stuck to the hunt like glue. Hounds were sneakily put onto the line of another fox by the huntsman, car sabs rushed ahead to cut them off and others put horn and voice calls to good use and called the majority of the pack back to us. Another fox away to safety with the huntsman left trying to get his hounds back together and considering his next move.

They then headed to Sandhurst Hill with us in tow. Hounds were again in cry, this time with the huntsman encouraging them on. It didn’t last long however and sabs soon used horn calls once again to bring the pack to us. This seemed to do the trick, after gathering the hounds the CV were soon heading back to the meet with us following, this time for good.

Great communication, navigation and tag teaming ensured that we were always one step ahead of the hunt, second guessing their every move and leaving them with very few options of where to go. We had constant visual on them, with foot sabs always very close by and intervening when necessary. Two foxes helped away, hounds getting to know us and our calls a bit better, new sabs introducing a few pairs of fresh legs and a rather crap day hunting for the Cotswold Vale Farmers’ Hunt. And some glorious sunshine! A solid days sabbing.