Llangeinor Hunt scratching their heads



On Saturday we sabbed the Llangeinor Hunt. The last time we visited them it ended with a sab being hospitalised by hunt thugs. Too much time had passed since then so today we headed to Wales, met up with South Wales Hunt Saboteurs & Severn Vale Sabs and caught the hunt leaving their meet in Blackmill.

The hunt were clearly shocked to have Sabs with them and the huntsman was overheard on the phone saying “I am not happy, I cannot deal with all these activists”. He looked completely bewildered and was clearly trying to scramble for a new plan in order to stop us following him to his easily accessible chosen route.

Firstly, four police vehicles arrived after a phone call from the hunt fabricating a story about us. They soon lost interest so next up were the hunt support throwing their weight around and blocking roads. What they didn’t seem to realise is that when they blocked one group it let another get on with some work. While our group were blocked, we could hear the huntsman desperately trying to encourage the hounds to pick up scent but he barely got any response. Seems being kept away from his desired coverts was working…

At one point one group of sabs were subject to masked-up hunt thugs chasing them armed with sticks stopping them from getting near the hunt. Whilst this was going on the other sabs were free to catch the hunt as they were heading home, throwing in the towel having had a dismal day’s hunting. Glad to be a part of that.

A tough day, but no kills known unlike the horrendous one Guildford Hunt Saboteurs unfortunately had to witness. Love and solidarity to all involved.

We’ll be back with the Llangeinor soon…

two foxes saved at meet of curre and llangibby



We haven’t paid a visit to the Curre & Llangibby hunt for quite some time so thought it was only fair that they get some sab attention. We headed over the bridge with our friends from Bath Hunt Saboteurs & South Wales Hunt Saboteurs to find the hunt leaving their meet which was in the village of Itton.

Soon enough hounds were in cry, and as we got closer to the hunt, a group of lads including the hunts terriermen decided to join us, putting cameras in our faces and threatening us. Unphased, we stuck with the hunt and it wasn’t long before we saw a fox breaking from the wood the hunt were working through. Riders were going loopy trying to alert the huntsman that they’d seen a fox but he had multiple sab cameras pointing at him and did the right thing and along with the terriermen called the hounds off and the fox got away.

The hunt tried to create a bit of distance between us and them and were soon up to their old tricks when they thought no one was watching. Unfortunately for them, we had close eyes on the illegal hunting happening. We stepped in, taking the hounds away from the huntsman and covering the scent of a fat (sorry, festively plump) fox who was eager to leave the area. Run free, friend!

The hunt stayed out ’til dark, down to the fact that the hounds were scattered all over the place and the huntsman was having a bit of trouble getting them back. He only had to ask us for help…

The hunt finally headed home so we did too. We’ll be seeing the Curre again soon!




Teaming up with the crème de la crème from South Wales Hunt Saboteurs & Bath Hunt Saboteurs we headed to Gloucestershire and found the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt about to leave their meet. Within minutes, foot sabs were in the field and quickly on pursuit of the hunt.

We worked efficiently and effectively and had the hunt in our sights for the bulk of the day. Most of the riders looked bored and took to drinking for fun and the hounds rarely picked up any scent and when they did we were on hand and ready to step in. We were also joined by Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs which is always a bonus having the locals out with us.

We remained close to the hunt until they called it a day at 3.30… or so we thought. So desperate to shake us off, they snuck back out of the meet to try and hunt without us for company. We soon found them and followed them back home.

Gone are the days where the CVFH had loads of supporters lining the country roads watching them. Less than a handful of cars were spotted today and we had almost as many sabs out as there were people with the entire hunt. Pitiful.

Another great day for wildlife! Thank you to all our supporters as this page continues to grow.






We met up with sabs from Bath, South Wales & 3C today and headed over the bridge to Garway where the Ross Harriers were just finishing their breakfast before a days hunting. Perfect timing!

We were in good numbers which meant the hunt were always in our sight. A few early attempts at hunting were called off by huntsman, Owain, when he realised a large number of cameras were pointing in his direction (one of which from a member of the press we had out with us).

Soon enough the hunt were back to their usual business of hunting illegally but we were quickly on the scene to stamp it out. We watched hare after hare flee to safety and the frustrated hunt decided to turn on us by punching sabs and even riding one down (thankfully the sab is OK). Our colleague from the press has everything on film.

More confrontations occurred with another Ross Harriers supporter breaking the press camera (again, footage has all been documented).

As the hunt started to wind down, we came across another hunt: The Leadon Vale Bassets who were also in the area chasing hares. We split into two groups and monitored them until they finally called it a day as darkness fell.

We’re exhausted but happy to see so many hares get away today. If the Ross Harriers think violence will deter us, they can think again.











It’s not often we get to go out mid-week, but we managed to fill our landy and head to Apperley this morning where the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt were having their opening meet of hunting season.

Joined by a sab from Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs we followed the hunt from the meet and watched as they tried to create a huge distance between us and them. In reality, it meant most of the riders and support were left scratching their heads as the huntsman took off.

Knowing the area well we figured where the hunt would head and we came up trumps. We watched two foxes running for their lives despite hunt supporters hollaring to the huntsman that they had been spotted. We covered their scent with citronella spray and the hounds came nowhere near as a result.

We stayed close monitoring the hunt for the rest of the day and even caught the hunts terrier-men armed with spades and terrier at the edge of a wood getting off their quad. Upon spotting us they masked up and sped off at a high speed. Up to no good boys?!

The hunt packed up shortly after and we headed home. A great result for local wildlife.











Back to The Tedworth Hunt today with friends from Southampton Sabs & South West Sabs for the opening meet of main hunting season. It was quickly apparent that support for the hunt has dwindled massively. in fact, only a handful of foot supporters were watching the Tedworth leave their meet at Oare House.

The hunt didn’t waste any time in trying to pursue wildlife and soon enough, hounds were in full cry chasing a fox. Sabs managed to take control of the hounds and the scent was soon lost. The huntsman quickly gathered up the hounds and headed off in an attempt to lose us but we stuck to him closely which set the tone for the rest of the day.

Everywhere the hunt went, we were with them and every attempt to lose us failed (and believe us, there were many). The hunt headed to Gopher Wood, an old haunt of theirs and were heard trying their best to encourage the hounds through the wood. A fox was seen running for its life so we stepped in and pulled the hounds out of the wood to our feet using hunting horns. The pissed off hunt tried to leg it again so off we went. They even tried going back to Gopher Wood but we popped up again to spoil their fun.

They finally threw in the towel at 4pm after a last quick attempt to hunt a covert near their meet. We scuppered that attempt for them too.

A brilliant day for local wildlife and a shit one for The Tedworth (and their late afternoon visitors from the RAC beagles!) Direct action gets the goods!

The Tedworth Hunt get an overdue visit.








Teaming up with Bath Hunt Saboteurs we acted on a tip-off (thanks, you know who) and headed for an overdue visit to The Tedworth Hunt.

We turned up at the meet to be greeted by a lot of surprised riders and hunt staff. The hunt were clearly thrown into disarray by our presence and the new huntsman shot off from the meet leaving the riders far behind!

Heading for a large covert with us following on foot, the hunt tried to shake us off but we weren’t far behind. The hounds were occasionally heard but failed to get onto the scent of a fox for the whole duration they were in the wood. The terriermen we came across looked bored as hell and it wasn’t long before our other sabs were informing us that the hunt were leaving the wood and heading home.

Not much action, but that’s mighty fine by us and our fox friends!

Berkeley Hunt revisited


We started the day outside the Berkeley Hunt kennels on the off chance that they might actually leave to go hunting with us present. We were quickly clocked by hunt staff who were straight on their phones. So we waited, received some words of support from some local joggers and some pissed off glares from passing hunt followers. And we waited some more. A few horses left the kennels on a hack, no hunting gear in sight and no sign of hounds leaving. So we took a drive to look around a few likely meets, all appeared quiet.

With no sign of movement any time soon at the Berkeley and word that a Three Counties sab had been assaulted and a camera smashed by supporters of the Cotswold Vale Farmers’ Hunt, our next move seemed obvious.

After an unnecessary hold up (no thanks to the boys in blue) and a bit of a search around the Deerhurst area, we came across hounds, huntsman and mounted support coming down the road in front of us. As the hunt took off across country, foot sabs finally got an opportunity to stretch their legs and went off in pursuit. It soon became clear that the hunt were heading straight back to their meet, so we watched the hounds get boxed up and the hound van leave before departing ourselves.

With the main hunting season starting in a matter of weeks, now is the time to contact your local group. Whether it is to get involved in the field, to pass on info about hunts in your area or to help fundraise, we all have a part to play in the defence of hunted wildlife.

Charlie Fox waves goodbye to the CVFH hound van








After last week’s blatant illegal hunting we thought we would return to the Ross Harriers Hunt today. We headed to Orcop, Herefordshire, where we found a number of horse boxes and support arriving. No sign of the hound van or the huntsman for a while with some of the riders off around country lanes with us in tow. A poor attempt to throw us off them perhaps?

The huntsman and hounds arrived a little while later and joined the small field just before 9am, a fair bit later than previous weeks.

Hounds were soon put in to draw a maize field in an attempt to put up a fox, so sabs used horn and voice calls to bring most of the pack out to us! The whipper-in and supporters then spent some time trying to gather the hounds up before the huntsman again moved off.

Sabs stuck with the hunt as they rode up and down a few more lanes, probably in an attempt to put some distance between them and us, again to no avail.

Hounds were entered into a wood shortly afterwards, quickly picking up a scent and going into cry. The huntsman could be heard encouraging the hounds on before taking off to follow them. Sabs tried their best to rate hounds, splitting the pack somewhat, but they were now heading away from us in cry on the other side of the wood.

At this point the field were getting more agitated and it wasn’t long before supporters started attacking sabs, often a sure sign that the hunt are up to no good and are wanting to keep us away. Sabs were shoved around with hunt riders charging at sabs, using their horses as weapons against us. Video evidence we obtained during the attack is astonishing.

While this was happening vehicle sabs saw a fox, looking disorientated, being closely pursued by a handful of hounds. When we next got eyes on them the huntsman was on foot with support gathering up the hounds. With this members of the hunt were heading back to their horse boxes to pack up. Unfortunately we do not know the fate of this fox but we can only presume the worst.

When will these hunts learn? The more they blatantly hunt wildlife and push sabs about, the more attention they will get from us and the more determined we become to stopping them and their barbaric acts. Ross Harriers Hunt, consider yourselves firmly on our radar.


Our group (along with Bath Hunt Sabs) visited the Ross Harriers Hunt today, who met at Trelasdee Farm near St. Weonards in Herefordshire.

Their new huntsman, Owain Fisher (previously of the Carmarthenshire Hunt), obviously hasn’t learnt his lessons from previous RH huntsmen and was insistent on blatent illegal hunting in front of sabs, drawing field after field to put up and chase hares with hounds going into cry a number of times.

Sabs were in the right place at the right time for one fox who slipped right past us, fleeing from a maize field which the hunt and hounds were working through. As hounds started to speak, sabs sprayed citronella along the line that the fox had taken and readied ourselves to stop the pack if needed. The huntsman very quickly arrived at the edge of the field and upon sighting us gathered up the hounds and moved off in the opposite direction. Tidy!

We also bumped into the infamous fox cub killers of the South Herefordshire Hunt, who were out on hound exercise. If this hunt think they can operate normally after what they have gotten up to then they seriously need to think again!

We’ll be seeing ya..