Return to the Ledbury Hunt

Along with South Wales Hunt Sabs and Three Counties Hunt Sabs we returned to the Ledbury Hunt today, for one of their few Saturday meets of the season.

Unlike the last time we visited back in December, when the hunt’s terriermen attacked sabs who stopped them digging out a fox from a badger sett, the day passed without incident.

They left their meet, Tweenhills Farm in Hartpury, Glos, at 12.30.

Despite the huntsman trying his usual trick of trying to put as much distance as possible between himself and sabs (including riding along the busy A417 with hounds all over the shop), between our different vehicles and teams of foot sabs we ensured that the hunt were kept under tabs all day.

A couple of furry friends were seen fleeing from where the hunt were at different points in the day, having their scent covered by liberal amounts of ‘Odeur de Sabbin.’ Hounds were heard picking up a couple of times, but never for long.

The hunt returned to the meet and boxed up at about 4pm.

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