Get involved in Bristol Solnet!

Now’s a good time to join the network! We have regular meetings every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. We meet 7.30pm at Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton. BS5 6JY.

The next meetings for the rest of this year are:

10th November

24th November

8th December

22nd December

What we believe…
Faced with relentless attacks on our quality of life from bosses, landlords, authorities and politicians, it is easy to give up the fight, keep our heads down, and accept that this is just the way things are.
Bristol Solidarity Network is determined to show another way, based on principles of solidarity and shared struggle. We are a group of local people committed to sticking together to overcome common problems we face. We can make real changes for the better through concerted, collective effort and direct action.

The story so far…
Since starting out in 2013 we have successfully accompanied workers and tenants to win their struggles against profiteering, bullying bosses and landlords. From putting a stop to management harassment and families being forced into homelessness to forcing bosses to pay stolen wages and a slum landlord to do the repairs, we have chalked up some solid victories. We have clearly seen the strength of working together to pile on the pressure. Solidarity is our best defence and direct action gets results!

Get involved!
If you share our ideas of getting organised to get used to winning, get in touch! We have regular meetings that are open to all who share our ideas and aims. We want to make sure that the solidarity network is open, accessible and welcoming. We have strength in numbers and as the network grows, so will our ability to win more victories!