We love it when direct action gets the goods

We have now helped not one, but two ex-workers at Cafe Amore secure victory! Bonny & Rhyannan both contacted us separately after having wages withheld by the boss of Cafe Amore. After the first picket, which was held with our friends in the IWW,  Amore management paid Bonny the money she was owed. On the day of the second picket Rhyannan was paid in full as well. Never let the bosses make you think you are powerless!

Victory photograph with Rhyannan - and her cheque for £82

Victory photograph with Rhyannan – and her cheque for £182

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Cafe Amore Update: Picket This Saturday & One Victory!

The campaign by Bristol Industrial Workers of the World and ourselves to recover stolen wages from the manager of Cafe Amore has already started to pay off! Following our picket, and a large number of people starting to boycott the Cafe, the wages for one of the workers, Bonny, have now been paid in full.

However, Rhyannan who recieved no pay despite working for eight shifts, has yet to get a penny!

We will be holding a picket outside the Cafe from 12noon this Saturday (21st of Nov), to demand payment of her wages. We encourage anyone who wants to stand up for workers to join us. As with the last picket we will be friendly and light hearted – leafleting, chanting, singing and talking to any potential customers or passers by.

We are aware of other instances of wage theft and poor treatment of staff in central Bristol, if you are affected get in touch with us or the IWW.

Amore is located in Broadmead at 14 Nelson Street, BS1 2LE
See you there this Saturday at 12Noon

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Low Pay, No Pay, Avoid Cafe Amore

Today former workers at Cafe Amore in Bristol joined forces with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and Bristol Solidarity Network (SolNet) to confront their wage stealing boss.


“What’s outrageous? Unpaid wages!”

Goodarz, manager, director, and all round dickhead at Cafe Amore has a long history of mistreating staff that that has only just started to be uncovered (Is your waiter fair trade and ethically sourced?). Continue reading