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The War on Drugs -What happened to The War on Poverty?

Change has to come. But it does not have to be bloody. Yes, local elections, won in large numbers, can change things if the Federal government allows the change. But at the same time, I am convinced, we must have … Continue reading

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Imposed calendar, religion, language and ‘civilization’ led to loss for All women

Voices of Cherokee Women is a well-written chronicle, from pre-contact to modern times, of how Cherokee women went from respected voices in the community to silence, and back again. Telling many stories again from another perspective (particularly Mooney and Lt. … Continue reading

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Pre-Adulthood, Adults, and Rites of Passage…

FRANçAIS Dear Friends, here is another idea for your perusal. A New Rite of Passage     We need a new rite of passage in which every teenager must voluntarily teach someone, from start to finish, a usable and important … Continue reading

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More Inclusive Calendars and Eras

Posted on Meow Date Thursday, 12 April of the year 12,014 H.E. At its inception, the United Nations proposed a more logical, easy to memorize and universal calendar which all the world could use. It was to be called The … Continue reading

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