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The War on Drugs -What happened to The War on Poverty?

Change has to come. But it does not have to be bloody. Yes, local elections, won in large numbers, can change things if the Federal government allows the change. But at the same time, I am convinced, we must have … Continue reading

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Est-ce que je suis une adulte ? Partie 1 : La Définition

( ENGLISH : ) Mes critères pour être adulte sont au nombre de six : D’abord, chaque enfant doit être capable 1. de nager, autant que faire se peut 2. de se défendre (émotionnellement et physiquement), autant que faire se peut 3. … Continue reading

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Man’s Search for Meaning -include community

I will (re?) read this book, as I recall reading at least two books by V. Frankl, but having stumbled across this wonderful blog with quotes, now I must read more. ” From http://stuff.mit.edu/people/gkrasko/Frankl.html “In my view, that Frankl’s book … Continue reading

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Am I an Adult? (Part 1. Definition…)

Français I have six criteria for being an adult. Each prospective adult must be able to: 1. swim, 2. defend him or herself both emotionally and physically, 3. think critically and build logical arguments, 4. understand statistics, 5. drive manual … Continue reading

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