Critical Mass London 24 June 2016

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The ride went across from Waterloo Bridge to Kingsway on top, via Aldwych,not through the tunnel this time. Also, at Holborn, it went north past both main crossroads, and turned left into Bloomsbury Place, and on to Great Russell Street (just like last month … why this sudden fetish for goingpast the British Museum?).

Also, after leaving the South Bank and heading up the ramp, when arriving onto the Waterloo roundabout the ride allowed itself to get a bit constricted; the result was that people dribbleed onto the roundabout quite slowly at times, and at one stage some of the ride got tangled up with traffic that managed to avoid the corking. Not very nice.

And unlike last month, when it set such a pace that it got strung out over a mile or so, this month some people at the front seemed to enjoy sitting at some junctions (eg Trafalgar Square alongside South Africa House) for what felt like ages. But better that than the other way round, I guess.

Lastly, a thought on pedestrians – I know it’s important to keep the ride together, especially vis-a-vis motorists trying to butt in, I think we really should be much more considerate of pedestrians trying to cross our path. If it’s a big mass that could delay them for ages, we can surely afford to hold back at pedestrian crossings just for a brief period to let people over. Pedestrians are not our enemies!!

Complete route according to users of Glympse:!criticalmasslondon

Critical Mass London crossed Waterloo Bridge, North of the river it arrived at Holborn, then headed South on Shaftesbury Avenue. Then: Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, Parliament Square, South on Abingdon Street, past Lambeth Bridge, Millibank, crossed the river Thames again on Vauxhall Bridge, went alongside the river on Nine Elms Lane, bordered Battersea Park, headed West on the Carriage Dr. N., between the London Recumbents and the Peace Pagoda, rode back North East and crossed the river on Chelsea Brige, headed East on Grosvenor Road, past Vauxhall Bridge; Millbank, past Lambeth Bridge, Parliament Square, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross Road, past Leicester Square Station, detour around Centre Point, West on Oxford Street, then South on Hyde Park and after that it would need reports from more people to learn what hapened.

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