Critical Mass London 30 January 2015

The route included St Paul and Brixton – and a shopping mall in between.
cm03 Reports from FB:

It was a great night, lots more than last month and without the cold rain we had last year.

Getting into the shopping mall was great, the security man’s last words that I heard were “I’m surrounded by bikes”

cm04 One of the best Masses I have been to. Each and every one is special but yesterday was like the cherry on top.

There was a little ride in the Tate Modern.

We nearly lost momentum at Paternoster Square but thankfully we managed to stop people getting too comfortable. It was the best I’ve been on for a few months. Even (dare I say it…) better than December’s…

The map of the ride:

A report from blog

a video:



That was a fantastic Mass, London, though I had to duck out after Burgess Park, just cos I heard the word “Brixton”.

We have a new victi… umm, sacrificia… I mean, a convert. My American visitor – a first time Masser anywhere – absolutely loved it, and truly got high on the vibe (you remember your first-time high, right?). She also thinks I know a really lovely bunch of people. Ha! her gratitude to you all for helping make it such a great night. Personally I’d like to say thank you for making it a Mass worth sharing.

4 thoughts on “Critical Mass London 30 January 2015

  1. Hi, I am party of critical mass Karachi, yes Karachi in Pakistan has its own critical mass. I will fortunately be in London on 27th Feb. Is it possible to lend a bike and helmet from someone? I don’t want to ride Boris bikes…. They look horrible to me.


  2. I hope you make it and enjoy the ride with us! I don’t know anyone with a spare bike but there are always places where you can hire one. You should be able to find a good deal if you google it.

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