Critical Mass London 28 August 2015

Reportedly 26km – or 25.27Km 3hrs 14min from start to Buckingham palace.

youtube video:

Nice route, nicely paced with good bunching so that the mass stayed together pretty well – really enjoyed it, we stayed in until about 10.30pm.

A complete mess at the front.

The mass fell apart again, when people bombed down Thames Street and didn’t wait to let the mass catch up. And of course, the rest of the mass didn’t keep together. It turning out to be more trouble than it’s worth each time, veteran massers are giving up en mass!

I don’t think the people hopping on the front to pick the route read these posts or understand that they really have to go slow and wait up often – very often – in order to keep 800+ people together. Shame really as it is much more fun when everything stays together.

I guess the trick is to let the speedy idiots just go for it and stay with the music bike.

After Parliament Square, it got messy and dangerous and corking was non-existent.

It went pretty well apart from having to seriously slow the front down at first, once at blackfriars bridge and once at Tower Bridge as they just went bashing ahead with stretching the mass out to a bloody mess again. Once that was under control and understood to slow and wait to pile up the actual mass of people it went fairly well. Even the corking got better throughout the evening.

It was after when we went over Tower Bridge where we did that pointless u-turn where we could have gone straight left. But it continued through the night till Oxford Circus

That was the mass of people deciding that the front chose the wrong way. I thought it worked out alright as it actually slowed the front down and had the rest join in. Not perfect but then nothing not planned ever is.

I know there was a (series of) altercations between a motorcyclist who kept trying to get within the mass and massers. I think I heard someone say that the motorcyclist hit him from behind. Being 4’10 and female I didn’t really feel able to intervene, but I did get a photo of the guy’s rear numberplate. If anyone needs it for a claim etc then please comment.

If you want to lead the whole mass please make sure it is just 1 person leading it instead of 2 leaders. Cos we had 1 person taking the mass in one direction while the 2nd leader went into another direction. It makes everything confusing at the same time including the mass.

All in all it was still a good night

A bunch of people rode on to the skate park after most people had left the palace. For others the Mass ended with a handful of friends on The Mall, helping out a comrade who took a nasty stack and needed medical attention (he’s OK).

Some say that if the last people to leave the spot where everyone finally goes home from, leave together, the Mass doesn’t end until they get home. It just gets really spread out.

Lets stay out of the narrow streets, lets definitely NOT filter (EVER!), lets stop at red lights so we can mass-up, lets give priority to emergency service vehicles at ALL TIMES, and lets go somewhere a bit different that doesn’t involve stopping at the bloody palace (in fact, lets not go over Waterloo Bridge)!
So spread the joy, keep the swing in your thing and don’t be a dick.


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