Critical Mass London 28 November 2014

cm01Summary: Hyde Park, The Serpentine, South Kensington, Battersea Park

Picture of route

Lovely Mass. Brilliant sound. Everyone Smiling and friendly. If there’s one dullard twat…. Pah. Welcome to longboarders, runners, bladers, wheelchairs, all sorts of bikes with all sorts of bikers. Bravo for the superb blocking. Yay fab mass!



That. Was. Epic! Thanks so much guys and girls, for my first time that was the best ever!
Legs hurt, feet hurt, batteries are flat but I cant wait to do it all again!

Great mass! Lots of riding, good music and no dramas.

I forgot this was on tonight and bumped into this on my way to kings cross! Made my journey much better!

Was a fun mass, thanks for the riders who pulled me every now and again and everyone for not killing me. Boards are a lot of fun but more difficult than cycling. Fair exchange though!


No long stop, no oxford street, and the hill near King’ Cross was wicked!!!!
Thanks u made my friday!!

The sound system failed again and mass riders don’t understand, that a heavy sound system can’t go into the under pass, unless somebody is prepared to pull us uphill.

As a skater I felt really sad that some biker was acting as if we were doing a crime because we were at the front even though we always were directed by the bikers on the back. If you guys have had a bad experience with a skater please don’t just generalize it to all skaters as the kids that were there are all amazingly cool and didn’t try and rule anything. I was getting threatened to get beaten up by a grown ass man just for responding to his nonsensical comment about the skaters not owning critical mass… Great example man (ps. Thanks for an amazing night everyone it was quite extravagant)

I was given a bustcard after a copper stopped and had a go at me for corking a taxi driver trying to right hook into the middle of the mass.


I carry a specific bust card when I take my pro camera kit into town too. I’m part of “I’m a photographer not a terrorist” and if you speak to any of the activists, they will tell you their freedom to shoot in public spaces (ironically filled with CCTV cameras) is most challenged whenever there’s a protest on. When it all ground to a halt on Tower Bridge I immediately got paranoid that we were about to be kettled. That paranoia/cynicism has been hard earned.

upon further inspection its actually how to deal with immigration raids!

Video on youtube

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