Critical Mass London 31 October 2014

cm01The October mass is always unusual. The winter rides are more intimate, a small tight group heading together *somewhere* and everyone looking out for everyone else. Each month is different.

This month, Critical Mass rode a little over 20km from Waterloo Bridge till St George’s Circus.

A video from youtube:

It was very drawn out, but at the same time it was a very busy, well attended night. The vibe was good,the sounds rocked, and numbers were impressive.

There is no collective thought so ignore all these opinions, they are personal and not representative of the mass.

cm02Erected in memory of the Critical Mass Halloween 2014, that died here. Gone before your time. Sorely missed.

Loved everyone’s costumes and lights. Not sure about the fireworks, I think it was lucky there wasn’t a police response.

cm03Critical Mass Halloween @Buckingham Palace. Thx to whoever did the fireworks. Loved it!

I liked st george’s circus for a while… but we had split up so badly and some where pointing for the split up part of the mass to go down towards the east when suddenly loads of pple decided to head to st george’s circus. So.. fine, you got your own little hang-out mass there, but… did we cycle a lot yesterday??

I liked the South Ken/Chelsea bit, was a bit of a change, but otherwise a very ‘safe’ route. Aggro-wise, I didn’t see much, except a taxi driver at Parliament Square who intentionally hit me.





cm08Whoever led us down Ox. St. needs their head looking at, and why-oh-why did we spend so long at the palace, to then ride on to St. George’s Circus only to stop there, bringing the Mass to an unpleasantly early end?

Video: youtube

If you’ve had enough time at Buck House then start ringing your bells to get ppl moving, there are no organisers, that’s the beauty of Critical Mass

The best route was when we went out East up to Stratford at the beginning of summer. Ever since then the routes have been a bit crap and we hardly ever cycle, then just spend forever sat somewhere drinking instead.

I can’t say I enjoyed the dickheads using us as cover to vandalise the French embassy.

It was about the French protestor (Remi) who was killed last week by a police grenade fired into his back. It was done as a result of the death of another young person at the hands of the police. This time in memory of Remi Fraisse (killed by a concussion grenade fired by French Police) on Sunday.

The ride was also v fast which meant that it got split up and there was some atrocious behaviour like the guy who called a pedestrian a fucking prick just for trying to cross the road!

Started very late and finished very early. Last year I got back to Waterloo at Midnight then stayed at southbank for a party. I was on the train home before 11

Oxford St should be a no-go for Mass. It always ends up in a mess. It antagonises drivers and leads to a slow, frustrating and fragmented ride. Otherwise thought it was a goodun (though left before B Palace)

Buckingham Palace was ok though. I like to see people enjoying themselves.

I too hate Critical Mass going down Ox St and other similar roads but there is an upside… These roads have the highest numbers of pedestrians, tourists, gawpers and party goers, critical mass put smiles on many many faces, surely a good thing?

While the mass does indeed cheer up folk on Oxford st … It also delays their bus

Too many children were out past their bed-time last night. shooting fireworks towards police officers was probably one of the worst examples of general common sense last night. I am surprised there wasn’t a police response

It was far too fast, *many* gaps opened up. Was corking on Oxford St for ages and we got lots of aggro but riders were filing through so couldn’t open the street back up…

I met some really great folk on Friday night and was blown away by some of the bike porn on offer, but I was also blown away by quite a few riders (I hope a minority) who were just plain abusive to pedestrians and it seemed they were intent on just pissing people off. They were obviously a bit pissed (nothing wrong with that) but is blatant vitriol toward people going about their business any good for the reputation of CM? Coming away from the ride I was totally unsure if I was enjoying the experience or pissed off by it. Was this really helping cycling and CM’s image, as these pricks will be the ones remembered by the public and not the rest of the decent CM folk who turned up to have a top evening.

The only remedy to the problem of bad riders on CM is to outnumber them

I blame the long boarders they always fuck up critical mass, might as well call it long board mass, I nearly ended up nutting 1 one of them

Those long and never ending “parties” at Buckingham Palace only cause many to leave the Mass early, a few minutes is fine but 40 minutes is just ridiculous.

Before the boarders started to come we didn’t have the same problems (although there was always Oxford st)

Don’t follow the long boards.

Just because the longboarders are at the front by no means mean we are directing it. There are always the same group of cyclists at the front who always argue with each other where to go next. They are the numpties who split the mass thinking that theyre in charge.

Part of the problem is getting going, at both South Bank (we didn’t start till nearly 7:20) and then again at Buck Palace. Whilst its not their responsibility I do think the sound systems can play a big part in getting us to set off…..

Critical Mass should be on the road, NOT standing around for ages.

I love the mix of boarders, cyclists and rollerbladers, also young and old and every possible mix from our wonderful city. Don’t ever forget that we are lucky and privileged to be able to make this and take part every month. Sure we’ll have a few gripes but who *really* cares?

I don’t understand the gripe against the longboarders. There are only 10-20 of us each mass and we simply skate around causing no trouble. We do it because we enjoy it. Pushing for 30 miles isn’t easy. We leave with cramps after every mass. Yet we are commonly used as a scapegoat for when things go awry. What a lazy way of thinking. What harm have we caused to other people?

I nearly ended up nutting 1 one of them boarders.

Next time when you see a longboarder don’t cycle right behind them or try and shift your head to the left and if it’s not too taxing, to the right too to look around you before you move to another lane? You wouldn’t tailgate another car when you’re driving and you wouldn’t do it to other cyclists so why do that to a longboarder or anyone for that matter?

Can we have some cold weather and reclaim the mass for those that pedal… The palace parties are a fun stop off but 45 minutes or more….? We have no leaders… We have wheels

1. Long boarders rarely cause trouble in my opinion, just need to be aware of them particularly when there is oncoming traffic or going through the tunnel.

2. We can’t really start setting rules like route X, Y as surely that goes against the sprit of what mass is?

3. If enough people wanted to leave BP earlier why didn’t they? Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun.

4. I saw so many smiles and happy faces yesterday, even some cabbies smiled (and that says a lot) so let’s all Cheer up a bit and being on the next ride

I’m pretty sure Critical Mass London isn’t about riding through the streets of London like hooligans.
Cursing pedestrians, trying to cause fights for no reason, riding down the wrong side of the road towards on coming traffic make no sense to me.
There’s a time and a place for that. . Not at Mass.
Mass is supposed to be
“a family-friendly event that relies on participants being considerate to each other”
We are not a gang trying to cause as much havoc we possibly can.
Mass doesn’t work if the people at the front are always trying to race each other to the next set of lights and if people aren’t willing to cork. Which prevents motor vehicles from penetrating the mass, which then causes gaps withing the group etc.
Anyway, i don’t want to rant and rave about how bad mass was last night, because apart from a few things here and there that need fixing up, it was an ok ride.

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