June 2021

Critical Mass has no leaders and no one is entitled to make any announcement on its behalf. If there ever is any, the correct response to such an announcement would be for people to ignore it and make up their own minds.

However there is a mailing list where reports are shared sometimes; this is where the following text comes from. (The picture comes from face book)

Moved off fast, South past Waterloo to elephant & castle, over the flyover, as far all the way down to new cross road, at the junction with queen’s road heading back in towards Peckham, but going right, onto peckham hill Street before going into Burgess park & settling in there at 20:00.
I presume the shower cyclists had the chance to catch up there & it moved off again.

Didn’t recognise anyone I know, but it’s kind of interesting. Obviously – no tourist crowd, the attendees seemed to know each other well in cliques.

The electric spinach was more prevalent than expected (hopefully only passed in bubbles), but the dypsomaniacs have shifted to covid compliant personal liquor.

As mentioned by others, the new element of sound systems on electric bikes seems to give the ride a fast leading group.

Corking wasn’t terrible, but the drop off in numbers in the first half hour was significant. I’d hazard a guess that a slower splinter of mass turned back towards central near the start.

No skateboards. The ‘wheelie kids’ now seem to have their own high price customised bikes for it. They take up an outsize amount of tarmac when they can – & some seem to delight in scaring oncoming drivers with their semi malcoordinated antics.

If you want a better report, posts yours to londoncriticalmass@riseup.net or to the list http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/cm-london

Some one did:

Typically this was the month that we mixed up the route! Fortunately there were live location updates on telegram so managed to catch up – speedy pace though so a bit of a hunt to reach everyone!

Some aggro on Camberwell rd from a pavement riding moped driver being a dick. people squaring up but don’t think it got any further than that

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