london critical mass pics 02.06.2013

several hundred cyclists joined the lindon critical mass on friday night as weather improved for the may bike ride

critical mass takes place on the last Friday of every month, with cyclists, skaters and boarders meeting up from 6pm on the south bank underneath Waterloo bridge.

the warmer evening attracted between three and four hundred cyclists, and they set off just after 7pm, over Waterloo bridge, under the kingsway underpass, and slowly north through camden.

unusually, des kay, known for his fab colourful uberbike, his loud hunting horns, and also for his successful case against the police in order to establish the lawful procession status of the ride, was nowhere to be seen. in fact, he was riding quietly on a ‘normal’ bike, the first time he could remember, getting a different perspective on the ride for once.

Haverstock hill was too much for the skateboarders, and so the ride peeled off east, and doubled back down through Camden and eventually west along Oxford street to Oxford circus for a little celebratory pause.

for the most part, corking (preventing vehicles from splitting the mass, by blocking their path at side roads and traffic junctions) had been effective, with few incidents, but on park lane, the mass got a little sprawled out and some cars drove among the bikes. one particular stupid driver caused a bit of altercation after driving at speed through the bikes, hooting angrily, and coming very close to colliding with cyclists.

by the time the ride reached Buckingham palace, it was beginning to get dark, and a lot of cyclists rested while the mobile sound systems pumped out their sounds.

as I left them a little after 9, a split occurred as some bikes set off along the mall, but others stayed to party a bit longer.

the next ride is on June 28th, and their website is at

- e-mail: rikkiindymedia(At)gmail[d0t]com


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